Why It is important to use a search engine for your online shop


Your e-Commerce search engine is an important tool that helps visitors find the products they are looking for quickly and accurately.

Everybody today performs hundreds of searches per day. When we think of searches, we don’t just think of YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, information sites, blogs, forums, and many other search engines are all common. It is almost instinctive to search for information.

Do we want to ignore this aspect of e-commerce? No. These are the factors you need to consider when building a truly effective search engine marketing strategy with the help of a Digital Specialist.

  • If the search engine was visible, and easy for users to find, the best option is to put it at the top of your page, preferably in the center or right
  • It is a search engine. Do not limit yourself to an icon, but use a clear, long, and adequate text field 
  • Optimize your search engine to find the answer, even in case of spelling errors or synonyms.

Why is it important to include a search engine in an online shop?

What is your attitude when you don’t find the information you need on a website? Are you willing to persist until you find the answer? Precisely. Why should your e-Commerce visitors behave differently? A well-structured and high-performance internal search engine will increase your chances of visitors performing appropriate searches in your shop, and possibly even buying.

What are the real benefits of having a search engine integrated into your online shop?

Search engine improves user experience

According to studies, only 30% percent of online shoppers search for products within the categories. Instead, the majority of visitors use the site’s internal search engine for the product name. Because the results are relevant to your search, you can also spend less time looking through sub-categories and categories. An internal search engine allows you to limit how many people leave your store, which improves the conversion rate.

Search engines can help increase sales

Sometimes, the visitor wants to purchase a product that is temporarily unavailable. It is very little you can do to help your prospect without an internal search engine.

What if your search engine is a performing one? It is possible to grab the attention of the visitor in a specific way. The search engine shows the customer products that match his search. A customer may be searching for shoes in a particular color, but the e-Commerce has no stock. The search engine might suggest similar models and invite the customer to look at your other products. This often leads to a sale.

This is useful for both out-of-stock and available products. A search engine might also display products that are similar to the product being searched.

It is easier to search for products using the search engine

Some products might have difficult names to write while others might be hard to classify. How can we ensure that potential customers are able to find these products and purchase them? A search engine that performs and can “predict” what the visitor is searching for.

Search engines provide important data that will optimize your online shop

Search engines can help you optimize your online shop to rank for the most searched terms and products. You can track all keywords that your visitors used in search engines using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This information can be used to your advantage, as customers tell you what they want in your online shop.


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