Why Are the Majority of Traders Destined to Fail?

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Anyone who embarks on the journey to becoming a trader would, at some point, come across the observation that ninety percent of traders are unable to generate a profit from their activities in the stock market and leverage exchange. According to this figure, over time, 80% of people end up losing money, 10% end up breaking even, and 10% end up making money regularly.

This figure is intriguing for several reasons, one of which is that it does not consider factors such as age, gender, or IQ. Everyone has the goal of becoming in the top 10 percent of traders who make money on the crypto stock market continuously, but very few people are prepared to put in the time and effort required to reach this goal.

You must do something that most other traders don’t do if you want to be effective in trading the stock market. This may seem to be an overly basic stance; yet, you can’t know what you don’t know until you find out.


After a few trading losses, you’ll understand that trading isn’t as simple as knowing when to purchase and when to sell. For most stock market traders, lack of understanding is the single largest obstacle to making money. While many people are trying to educate themselves, they are going about it the incorrect way and as a result end up with a subpar education.

Many individuals refer to themselves as traders merely because they purchase and sell stocks. Although they claim to look at news articles and websites and sometimes consult online charts with their broker when asked how they evaluate the companies they purchase or sell.

Asked to explain further, they admitted that although they had a general notion of the basic information, they required to evaluate a company, they had no clue how to read a chart. And no one had a strategy or a clue about financial management.

Even novice traders know that constructing a lucrative trading strategy, analysing stocks to understand why they’re buying and selling cryptocurrency stocks, and deciding how they’ll handle the transaction are critical to their success. Even more significantly, robust money management procedures like stop-loss and position size are put in place so that investment risk is minimized, and profit potential is maximized.


Investing in the stock market, especially, cryptocurrency stocks entails a certain amount of risk. A large majority of potential traders, however, are ready to take on more risk due to their false belief that they are sufficiently prepared to trade after reading a few books or attending a weekend course. As a matter of fact, many traders seek immediate pleasure by jumping into the stock market head-first with intricate techniques in the goal of making money. There are far too many people who blow their hard-earned cash on irrational hopes.

It’s often said that knowledge is power, but in the world of trading, it’s really the proper use of that power that matters the most of all. Many would-be traders crowd the streets, and in a bull market, many of them make money based more on good luck than solid education. Traders who haven’t been in the stock market for at least two years can’t claim to be professionals since bull markets tend to mask faults in judgment and ignorance.

Obtaining a university degree might take anywhere from three to four years, or more, to get a job in your chosen field. People who want to make a career out of crypto stock trading should approach it in the same way they would any other professional endeavour. Traders who don’t treat the stock market with respect are more likely to lose money than those who do. To be an informed trader, you must have both knowledge and experience; otherwise, your chances of long-term success are very limited.


What’s difficult is not only knowing how to trade; it’s also recognizing your own psyche, since it’s true that the distance between your ears will decide your trading success. Aside from a lack of information, the second most common cause for traders’ failure is a lack of confidence.

When it comes to trading, a trader’s mindset or psychology is just as important as their strategy to the stock market. Market participants are driven by emotions like fear and greed, which may be intensified if they are not properly educated. This can lead to expensive blunders.

Exiting winning deals early for fear of losing their gains is a common error made by those new to stock market investing. One’s incapacity to execute a trading strategy, rather than their lack of knowledge or confidence in their leverage exchange, is the greatest threat to people who want to trade. 

Fear is a far stronger feeling than greed, and it is the greatest obstacle to those who want to trade. Once a deal has been made, fear sets in, but greed or the desire for fast and easy profits is what drives us to that position in the first place.


Trading techniques are a frequently Googled subject among traders. Many traders believe that there is magic formula out there that would allow them to make money consistently month after month. It’s not difficult to come up with a trading plan. There are innumerable posts about it on trade boards. Trading strategies that have an advantage in the crypto markets while still being compatible with your personality are two entirely different things. Those who try to avoid this tend to have a hard time succeeding.


Trading operates on the same principles as a bank, which has three primary offices, the front, the centre, and the back, which all work together to complete transactions. The front office is where most sales are made and is also where most of the glitter and hoopla takes place. The front office is supported by the business’s operational side, which is referred to as the back office. 

If the backroom operation is not strong, it does not matter how strong the front office is; the business will not be able to exist. And just as in trading, it doesn’t matter how good your trading system is; if you don’t properly manage your risks, the system will still end in failure.

If you do not properly manage your risks, even having the most successful trading method in the world, you will still end up in financial ruin. It should come as no surprise that risk management is something that turns off most traders, which may help explain why most traders are unsuccessful. If you want to be successful in this line of work, you need to educate yourself thoroughly on how to effectively manage risks.


The purpose of developing a trading strategy is to steer your trading activities in the most profitable path. It discusses everything from entering the market to leaving it, as well as risk management, markets that are traded, the time, and the size of positions. It will serve as a guide to help you achieve achievement. Because of their unique risk tolerances and personalities, no two traders will ever have the same trading strategy.

Most traders join the industry without having first developed a trading strategy. Trading purely on one’s intuition, feelings, or with no trading strategy at all is nothing more than gambling. If you do not have a trading strategy, you will be trading aimlessly and you will be unable to determine which aspects of your trading performance need to be improved.

There is a wide variety of potential causes for your lack of profitability. There might be problems with your trading discipline, there could be psychological aspects affecting your trade, or it could simply be that you have no advantage in the markets. You will never be able to determine the problem if you do not have a trading strategy.

There are, however, only two possible outcomes when you have a trading strategy, and you adhere to it rigorously. Whether it resulted in a profit for you or a loss for you. If you were able to make a profit from it, then you could have an advantage in the market. However, if it resulted in a loss for you, this indicates that your strategy for trading needs some refinement. In other words, such trading strategies and leverage exchanges enables you to differentiate between strategies that are successful and those that are not.

The Bottom Line

Trading is the same as any other professional vocation, such as becoming a doctor, accountant, or barrister. To become skilled at it takes years of dedication and work, and you also need to be ready to learn from your errors along the way.

The wonderful thing about education is that it allows you to benefit from the experience of others, so shortening the learning curve for yourself. If you can cut down on the amount of trading errors that you make, then you will be one step closer to maintaining a constant profit.


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