What Clothes Are Popular For Girls This Summer


What are the fashionable clothes for girls this summer? In such a hot season in summer, everyone very much hopes that they can wear refreshing and cool clothes, which can not only bring people a comfortable and fresh visual effect, but also show their cute and playful side. Next, let’s learn 9 sets of fashionista’s summer dressing demonstration pictures.

look1 Black wide T-shirt + denim shorts + black calf socks

A slim T-shirt in summer, casual and age-reducing. I don’t know what to wear in summer. A printed T-shirt solves my troubles. If I want to look taller and hide my flesh, black loose T-shirts are arranged. Hiding the ultra-short jeans in the clothes, the lower body is missing, and the legs are exposed but are afraid of the fleshy treasures, adding a pair of black stockings with slight pressure cleverly hides the fleshy flesh, but also adds a sense of fashion, killing two birds with one stone.

look2 light blue wide leg denim jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit

A must-have denim jumpsuit for a pear-shaped body: Refreshing and comfortable denim jumpsuit in summer, the high-waisted and wide-legged version looks thin and tall, and it is effortless and easy to go out with a small powder bag. Embellishment with bright color items is not so monotonous. The combination of pink and blue is cool and sweet, comfortable and timeless.

look3 literary white shirt + navy blue shorts

navy blue shorts

The white shirt of the heroine of the literary film! Xiaobai in the workplace is still an elite in the industry. I have to love the cold white shirt in summer. The collar design is retro, stylish and loose. The wide-leg shorts are also very comfortable. Color, this messenger bag is really easy to hold, it is very suitable for working sisters, and it is no problem to put a laptop!

look4 striped polo shirt + white A-line skirt

In summer, I especially like to wear a white A-line skirt. I found a striped knitted polo shirt in the wardrobe. I chose a white top hat and white small shoes. I want to be a gentle girl who wears French style all day. I went to work first, sneaked to drink coffee in the afternoon, and went to a date in the evening. No matter what part of the day it was, it was very suitable.

look5 striped shirt + white camisole + dark blue denim shorts + black leather shoes

Really rarely wear shorts, the reason is that the waist is thin and the hips are wide and the thighs are fat! Many of the shorts I have bought are either too wrapped and fat, or they are not satisfied with the length. Too long or too short are embarrassing.

The upper body of these denim shorts is really satisfactory, the dark blue is thin, the length just covers the fattest part of the thigh, and the hip circumference is also very suitable for people with wide hips. It is refreshing and good-looking with a shirt and T-shirt!

look6 light blue dress

You can never go wrong with a decent dress! This set is perfect for meeting parents, interviews, or daily dating and commuting. Who doesn’t love light blue, which is clean and gentle?

look7 Basic white half-sleeved shirt + black umbrella skirt + canvas shoes

A very basic white shirt and black umbrella skirt, a baseball cap + canvas shoes is a college style, and a haircut + loafers/high heels can be used for commuting or interviews.

look8 grey short T-shirt + green design skirt + white shoes

I like the lazy and refreshing feeling in summer. Needless to say, the proportion of short T and skirt is obvious, the collision of green color has a different feeling, sweet and cool big sister feu There is also a little whine, the lazy and delicate tone is hard not to love.

look9 white printed T-shirt + striped textured wide-leg pants

Printed white T + striped trousers is too summer, the white T is really refreshing and comfortable, the beautifying print on the chest is so cute, and the lower body is matched with striped textured slacks, a comfortable and lazy set.


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