What Are The Advantages Of Buying Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. They offer the same beauty and sparkle as their diamond counterparts but cost up to 50% less due to their durability and brilliance. To understand the advantages of buying moissanite engagement rings, here are some things you need to know about this gemstone.

Moissanite Is Affordable.

The cost of a Moissanite Engagement Ring is equivalent to or less than an equivalent diamond. More than anything else, it is its affordability that made Moissanite so popular. The less you spend on a ring. The more you spend on something else like a honeymoon or your future house! If there’s one decision you don’t want to blow your money on, it’s your wedding day. Save some cash for your next vacation with a Moissanite Engagement Ring.

Moissanite does not need to be set:

When you buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring, you don’t worry about paying extra for setting. Unlike diamonds, which require specialized settings, Moissanites fit right into any standard setting and won’t get damaged if they fall. This makes them perfect if you children who might lose their jewellery. While playing around or if you simply hate having to take your Jewellery off every time you wash your hands. Simply put it on and forget about it until your anniversary rolls around!

Moissanite Stands Out.

Moissanite engagement rings and bracelets stand out because they don’t look like a traditional diamond or any other gemstone for that matter. Moissanites  a very clear look; even experts not always tell them apart from diamonds if they’re cut correctly. They also sparkle more than regular diamonds thanks to their fire, which is an optical effect resulting from their molecular makeup.

This unique property gives it an aesthetic edge over traditionally-cut diamonds. Moissanites  faceted into many different shapes that give off maximum shine. Whereas traditional diamonds usually appear brilliant (many say frosty) and  get lost against larger settings.

Diamonds Overrated.

Diamonds get a lot of hype, especially when it comes to engagements. While many people consider them beautiful, diamonds aren’t that rare and therefore, aren’t necessarily valuable as a gemstone. That’s why I believe that Moissanite engagement rings and Moissanite bracelets  some major benefits when compared to diamond jewelry! A few things you should know about Moissanites they’re more durable than diamonds. They tend to be less expensive than diamonds and they look great with either gold or silver accessories. Plus, One thing a lot of women don’t know is that an estimated 40% to 70% of all mined diamonds are so-called blood diamonds that fund warlords in war-torn countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Moissanite Isn’t Fake.

While some like to claim that moissanite is not a real gemstone. They couldn’t be more wrong. Moissanite is a real gemstone. The mineral named after a scientist called Henri Moissan. Who first discovered it in an explosion crater in a canyon in Arizona during a solar eclipse in 1893. Today, many jewelers favour it over diamonds because of its durability and value. One huge advantage to buying moissanite engagement rings (or any jewelry for that matter) over traditional diamond jewelry is the price. While diamonds cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes even millions). Moissanite  purchased for as little as $200 or less!

Moissanite Isn’t Used In Mass Manufacturing.

Because it’s very rare, it isn’t used in mass manufacturing. which means most people don’t think about it when they consider their options for an engagement ring. At a glance, you might be tempted to compare it to diamonds because they  similar light refraction properties. But there are plenty of reasons why Moissanite engagement rings beneficial. Let’s take a look at what makes them so great: – They provide more sparkle than other gemstones  They don’t require special care or maintenance. They typically cost less than diamonds What are your thoughts on Moissanite jewelry? Do you feel that it’s worth choosing over traditional diamonds?

Wide Variety Of Styles Available.

An added advantage of Moissanite engagement rings and Moissanite bracelet is that they come in different styles and colors. Moissanites  all colors available from white to yellow, blue, green and red. They do not  any brown tinge or rainbow-like diamonds. Even with these varied colors, one  find an ideal match for their preference. So, unlike diamonds that always cost more when you add small modifications to them. A beautiful two-tone White Gold ring is easily affordable with moissanites at a lower price. They offer some Simple but unique designs and flower styles while others  take exotic settings which would cost very high in the case of diamonds. You also get quality as well as style making it easier to choose something unique yet affordable.


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