Top 5 Tips for Tenants to Secure The Tenancy Deposit

enants to Secure

While searching for a new home, tenants often take time finalizing one. They stumble upon depressing stories related to deposits.

Every person shares the right to walk by the rules and receive the same. If you pay a particular amount at the beginning of finalizing your room, you have the right to get it back. Sign-in an agreement with your landlord on this.

When you pay a deposit to your landlord, he must protect this agreement in line with t the government rules and guidelines.

For this, it is best to remind about it the landlord through email.

If everything goes as per law, you get the money within a week or two.

Before asking for a deposit from your landlord, do this.

What Should You Accomplish to Accept the Exact Money Back? 

When you determine to drag out of a property, it is ideal drawing up an inventory. The inventory lists the conditions and contents of the establishments delivered with the property. Having:

  • Pictures of the room
  • Condition of the carpets and walls
  • Keep receipts of all the bills and expenses incurred on the property maintenance

Having an inventory can help you avoid discord regarding the property and deposit. It will help you secure your money legally early. Revealing the images before the landlord acts proves the tenant’s best interest in keeping a property safe.

Thus, there are other ways a tenant can check for and get the deposit money back quickly.

How To Get Complete Tenant Deposit Back Without Much Wait?

Tenancy deposit schemes protect the interest of both tenants and landlords. The landlord can claim some money out of deposit if the mismanagement of the properties is the result of the tenant’s doings.

Here are other ways you can secure your deposit: Quickly watch out:

Evaluate the circumstances in the landlord’s favour

As mentioned above, yes, a landlord can claim a share equitable to the expenses of the damage. Here are some possible circumstances in which he can claim so:

You have not paid complete rent due to closing deals for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. If you paid a heavy deposit to secure the loan, rent remains. The landlord might not return the favour in this case.

You have damaged the property- it could be anything from chipped walls due to charts, screws, etc., or spilling the wine on a carpet.

You have misused facilities or broken some cutleries provided as a complementary.

Be it any reason, and the landlord should prove it with evidence. If in a similar situation, ask for the landlords to give it in writing. Some things get worn and torn after a reasonable time. Landlords cannot claim any money in this case. Here are some other things that a landlord cannot claim money from your deposit:

  • You changed the worn-out carpet with a new one
  • Fixed plumbing and other leakage issues out of your own money
  • Renovated the whole room and fixed a few cuts, and shipped walls
  • Hang new paintings suitable to the décor

Re-evaluate the landlord-tenant agreement 

Clarifying the responsibilities of a tenant and landlord’s actions is important. Before signing off the agreement, ensure the landlord mentions every Dos and DONTs in capital letters. It could include general instructions like:

  • Keeping and maintaining the outside space in good order, including maintaining the garden
  • The criteria to report any problem or issue related to renting and property maintenance
  • Rules on loved one’s visits
  • Rules on inviting your friends over
  • Rules on keeping pets
  • Understand the wear and tear guidelines

There could be other rules you may require following as an inhabitant. Evaluate the same and clarify from your landlord. Keeping a tab over every rule and regulation helps you avoid any issue with him.

You deserve more deposit account 

If you believe that your landlord returned only half the amount that you deserve, post everything and ask:

  • The possible reasons for doing so
  • Was it mentioned in the agreement you signed?
  • How is the total amount calculated?

For example, check the total cost if you broke a table earlier. Has the landlord charged rightly? If not, you confront him and claim the additional money charged.

The effort you take against your owner will depend on whether your guarantee is covered or not. Protect your deposit with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). According to it, if you do not rent your home on an assured short hold tenancy, your landlord may accept your valuable items as a deposit instead of tangible money.

The owner must repay the deposit within ten days after post tenant leaves. Contact TDS only if you have financial discord with your landlord and share disagreements. You can call them if you have not received the complete deposit.

Display credible proof of a clean room 

It is one of the reasons landlords make deductions to the deposits. Rather than relying on help, take the accountability to keep the room clean.

From living rooms to the dining room, keep track of kitchen and bathroom cleaning as well. Many landlords provide help, and tenants hardly need to do that. You can still do the things that lie in your potential to win the favour of your landlord.

 Clean ovens, dryers, window panes, basins, and floors frequently. It is all about keeping the room in good shape. Analyze the repairs and get them done on weekends. It will help you guarantee a comfortable lifestyle. Cleaning ensures the upper hand of the landlord. You will get the deposit at the decided date as per the agreement. When you leave, leave a soothing space.

Avoid shuffling roommate before leaving 

Are you replacing your existing roommate?

Are you transferring the deposit in their name?

Does this align with the landlord-tenant agreement?

In this condition, you should be very careful. Before leaving, inspect the house. If you find any mismanagement, sort it out with your mates. Make sure the person pays for the damage.

Over 4 million people are living on rental payments in the UK. In this case, taking necessary measures to take back the deposit is crucial. If you are facing any tenant issues, especially in securing a deposit, these tips will help.


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