Things you need to know before applying for Canada Visitor VISA


When it comes to choosing the best country to visit, your answer will depend on what country is best in various aspects? There are surveys that have claimed that Canada is the best country to see, and Canada is considered one of the safest places to live and one of the friendliest places. Visiting Canada would be the best decision. 

Before taking any decision and applying for Canada Visitor Visa, there are a few things you need to know. This blog will discuss the essential things to know before applying for a Canada Visitors Visa, the eligibility criteria, and a Canadian Visitors Visa requirements.

Things to know before applying for Canada Visitor Visa and exploring Canada are as follows:

  • Types of Visas: You should know which Visa you want to get before applying for a visa. 

There are various types of visas; some of them are:

Visitors Visa

Permanent Resident Visa

Student Visa

Work Visa


Proof of good health

Police verification certificate that claims that there are no immigration-related convictions or criminal history

Proof stating the reason for returning to your home country

Proof of settlement funds

Proof of the intended duration of your stay and temporary residence

  • Fees for Canada Visitor Visa- For applying for a Canada Visitor’s Visa, the application fee per applicant is CAD$100 or 5939.72 INR. In addition to this, you will be charged CAD$85 or 5048.76 INR for submitting the biometrics. 
  • Visa Processing Time- The processing time of a visitor visa varies from 8 to 40 days. However, this may vary depending on your application and the country you reside.
  • Visa Validity- The validity of a Visa depends on the scenario, and it is based on the types of Visitors’ visas. There are mainly two types of Visitor Visas for Canada, they are:

Single Entry Visa: It is granted for a period of up to 6 months

Multiple-Entry Permit: While multiple-entry visitor visa is granted for up to 10 years or one month before the expiry date on the passport or re-entry visa (whichever date comes first).

Now is the time to apply once you are decked up with all the requirements for Canada Visitor Visa. Below we have mentioned the step-by-step application process for Canada Visitor Visa.

Step 1: Before selecting any online sites, decide how you want to apply for Canada Visitor Visa online or offline.

Step 2: After that, fill out the application form with the information and required documents.

Step 3: Pay the visa processing fee

Step 4: Visit the Canadian Immigration Consultant and your passport, photographs, and other requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa.

Step 5: You have to provide your biometric info, including photos and fingerprints.

Step 6: Then you need to submit the visa application form at the Canadian visa application center.

Step 7:  You will get the receipt where there is the unique tracking number.

Step 8: Track your application online using a unique tracking number.
After going through all the mentioned points, you can contact India’s most Trusted Canadian Immigration and Visa Consultants, Achintya Immigration Consultant. They will help you make more informed decisions throughout the entire visa application process.


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