These are the best Non-veg food in India


Indian cooking is something like a food festivity. With the expansive usage of a collection of flavors and flavors, there are such incalculable rich and delectable curries that it is challenging to face! Besides, if you are a non-veggie lover, you are ready to partake in a combination of rich curries, which are successfully overwhelming. Be it rich korma, lively red maas or eminent chicken masala, Indian non-veggie darling food has something for us all. Follow prozgo to know more.

Margarine Chicken

Ask any Indian foodie what their #1 Indian chicken dish is, margarine chicken will persistently be in the fundamental three. The delightful pieces of chicken absorbed a smooth sauce of margarine and cream are a prominent treat for non-veggie sweethearts.

Lively chicken masala

A typical North-Indian-style chicken curry! Lively Chicken Masala is a heaven for all the zing darlings who love to dunk their chicken in pack flavors.

Amritsari Chicken Masala

A Punjabi staple night gathering dish, Amritsari Chicken Masala is a delectable dish stacked with various flavors that will promptly empower your taste buds. Upgraded with spread, cream and lime prepared with cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper, this chicken recipe is a certified gathering pleaser. You should likewise be know what is savory food.

Chicken Chettinad

Southern India has a lot of delightful commonplace dishes and Chettinad Chicken is just a single gem among them. Chettinad food has a spot with the Chettinad locale of Tamil Nadu and has a rich and superb blend of flavors using area and new trimmings. Chicken is one of the most well known qualities of Chettinad cooking and is revered for the best harmony of flavors.

Chicken Korma

A rich chicken curry, slow-cooked over a low fire, chicken korma is basically essentially as ‘majestic’ as it sounds. The word ‘Korma’ is gotten from the Turkish word ‘kavurm’ which means cooked meat. It is a well known strategy of cooking meat with yogurt, cream, stock and various flavors that transformed into a main during the Mughal time span.

Kadhai Chicken

Kadhai Chicken is another much-valued chicken curry, notable for its red hot flavor and gets name from the cooking technique uses a ‘kadhai’ (or a wok) to make the superb curry .

Malvani Chicken Curry

Love Spicy Chicken Curry? Then, Malvani Chicken Curry is precisely exact thing you want! Malvani Chicken Curry is a well known essential dish in Malvani/Malvani cooking from the South Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa.

Chicken Kolhapuri

Kolhapuri food is known to be hot and stacked with flavor. This dish is no less – chicken curry is cooked with an uncommon Kolhapuri zing that uses striking sorts of groundnut oil, limits leaves, dim peppercorns and cloves. The exceptional of this chicken curry comes from the recently ground flavors and ground coconut.

Chicken Vindaloo

Experience traditional Goan food in your own kitchen! Familiar with Indian shores by Portuguese pilgrims, vindaloo curry as of now stands tall among all Indian curries considering its obvious hot taste as a result of a fiery stewed mix (masala) called vindaloo masala or stick.

Al Hachi Chicken

A Kashmiri delicacy, this is an entrancing chicken recipe that you can make at home. Stacked with whole flavors and shallow cooked chicken with the uprightness of gourd, Al Hachi Chicken makes an unbelievable night gathering dish.

Laal Maas

A Rajasthani strong point, lal maas sheep, is a sharp mix of flavors with a smidgen of stew. A scrumptious stunning red dish with ghee and coriander leaves on top, Laal Maas makes for a magnificent blend in with garam parathas.

Sheep Kofte

Koftas are a piece of the Mughlai food of the Indian subcontinent, by and large procured from Persian cooking and held for phenomenal occasions. Here is an incredible sheep kofte recipe used flavors and flavors, including sun dried leaves, cardamom, kasturi methi, diggi mirch and fennel powder.


Long esteemed as a treasure trove of Kayastha cooking, especially from Old Delhi, Pasanda is one of those heritage dishes that many would simply have known about anyway never tasted. Here is a most cherished recipe made with Thai sheep cuts, flavors, flavors and nuts that you can make at home.

Champaran Mutton Curry

Certain people know it as ‘Ahuna Mutton’, while some call it ‘Matka Gosht’, yet, this one pot sheep curry from Bihar has its own furor. Named after Champaran region in Bihar, it is usually cooked in an earthen pot or matka in the dum style. This is the manner in which you can make it at home.


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