The Most Influential People in the Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Industry

Lab Grown Diamonds

In the lab grown diamond jewelry industry. there many big names, some of whom are household names. And others that are more obscure to the average person on the street. In this article we look at 5 of the most influential people in this industry. What they done to get where they are today, and why their influence has had such an impact on lab grown diamond jewelry. We start with some more recognizable faces and then move on to some lesser known individuals who deserve just as much recognition if not more.

History of lab grown diamond

Approximately 20 years ago, gemstones  harvested from earth. With no way to exactly replicate that process in a lab. In 1995, two scientists separately discovered a way to produce diamonds from carbon without  to mine for them. The unique thing about these diamonds is that they are completely identical to mined stones and are completely indistinguishable from them (meaning you not tell one type of diamond apart from another just by looking at it). It  originally developedan alternative for people who couldn’t afford mined diamonds however, today it has become more popular as an option for people looking for a new way to express their style.

David Wittels

President of Gemesis David Wittels is a gemologist and gemstone expert who is considered one of America’s leading experts on lab grown diamond jewelry. He an industry leader for nearly three decades and has written numerous articles and books on his subject. As well as spoke at numerous national conferences. Under his leadership, Gemesis  named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America two years running (2005-2006) and he also established ABX Labs. A subsidiary of Gemesis that focused on producing only ethically sourced products. Today, ABX Labs is one of largest lab-grown diamond manufacturers around with over 100 employees and six locations across China.

Scott Thomas

Co-Founder of Apollo Diamond, Scott is recognized one of The World’s Top Young Entrepreneurs by The Business Journals. Scott’s passion for producing Earth-friendly products that last a lifetime and an impact on lives across generations helped set Apollo apart from its competitors. As CEO and co-founder, Scott oversees all aspects of production, including growing and cultivating diamonds to finish work on all major product lines. In addition to his duties at Apollo, he is also founder and CEO of RAVPower International. Which produces power banks that are now sold worldwide.

Bharucha is an associate professor at IIT Bombay and founder of Bharucha Design. He invented a method to grow diamonds using a chemical vapor deposition process. Which made it possible for jewelers to produce diamonds on demand. This process has played a key role in making lab-grown diamonds available and affordable. Bharucha is also known for his contributions to research and development as well as administrative roles; he holds over 40 U.S.

Janet Hunt

Janet Hunt has long at the forefront of lab-grown diamonds. Hunt founded Whiteflash, one of the first companies to sell lab grown diamond rings. and she’s a leading advocate for diamonds grown in a laboratory since day one. Janet  worked to educate consumers about how her company’s lab-grown diamonds different from other diamonds. And how they used to provide an alternative solution for those looking for an ethical option when buying an engagement ring. Her knowledge base on her industry is extensive and she’s consulted with governments all over the world on policy changes regarding genetically modified products including lab-grown diamonds.


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