The Different Claims Under Product liability


All the manufacturers dealing in the U.S have a legal obligation to ensure that all the products being offered in the market are completely safe for the consumer. But even with so many strict rules and regulations, every year, thousands of people get injured or fall ill just because of defective products. 

But just because you have suffered damages or fallen ill because of a defective product doesn’t mean that you don’t have any option. You have the right to file a lawsuit against the company that is responsible for your damage because of their defective product. 

Before hiring Lake Charles products liability lawyers, the main thing that you need to understand is the different types of claims that you can make under this law. So, let’s understand the different claims that can be made under product liability. 

Defective manufacturing 

If there is a case of defective manufacturing, the product must have severe manufacturing loopholes that make it hazardous for the consumer and completely different from its counterpart products. These types of claims are one of the most common types of claims handled by Lake Charles products liability lawyers. 

Although there can be many types of defective manufacturing cases, the most common ones are a result of the use of cheap and poor components, improper assembly, or use of illicit substances in the product that can affect the health of the consumer. 

Defective design 

In these types of claims, the real issue is with the overall design of the product being offered in the market or being used by the consumer, instead of problems in the manufacturing. When such claims are made by a consumer, it shows that the entire product line is hazardous for the consumers even when used ideally and as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. 

Some of the most common examples of claims made under defective design cases are improper wiring that leads to fire in electronic products, products that don’t have stability in their structure, and dangerous products that fail to follow even the most basic safety features. 

Failure to instruct or warn 

If a company fails to give proper instructions on the product regarding the dangers that can be caused because of improper use then this can be considered a part of a product liability case. But the warning should not be immediately obvious to the consumer. 

In these types of cases, the company always needs to include proper instructions or warnings regarding the proper use of the product otherwise the company can be held accountable for the damage done to the consumer with the help of a Lake Charles products liability attorney.

Some of the examples of failure to warn or instruct are

  • A product label that doesn’t contain any type of warning regarding the possible side-effect of the product is a case of failure to warn. 
  • A product that can be potentially dangerous but there is no instruction given on the product regarding its ideal usage. 
  • If the instructions regarding safe usage or the dangers are so vague that it becomes difficult for the potential customer to understand them then it is also considered a part of the failure to warn from the company’s side. 

There are many cases where customers undergo damages because of a defective product or missing information on the product label and since they don’t know about their rights and they never consult a Lake Charles products liability attorney, they never hold the companies accountable for their mistakes. 

So, if you have suffered injuries because of a defective product, you can take the help of an attorney and file a suit against the company under product liability law. 


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