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Internet Marketing Coaching

Finding the right internet marketing coaching can be a very frustrating experience. First you have the wannabe gurus telling you one thing, then you have the so-called experts coaching you in another direction.

Who do you listen to for internet marketing advice? What is the right thing to do?

Well, after searching far and wide for a solid internet marketing coaching program, I have come to the conclusion that there are several programs that are excellent. However, there are also many programs that are not so great.

How to find an internet marketing coaching program.

Fortunately, all good programs have a number of features that seem common to me.

All coaching programs present information differently, but they all have these characteristics in common:

  • A genuine desire to help others. That’s an understatement, but good coaching focuses on YOU. Not how great they are or all they have accomplished, but YOU. They should show you at the beginning what all they will do for YOU.
  • A good internet marketing coaching program will also make it easy for you to join. Not all programs are suitable for beginners, and not all programs are suitable for advanced marketers either. It’s important to find a program that shows you where you stand, but also what you can accomplish.
  • Is there a way to connect with people? By that I don’t mean a “click to chat” button, but is there a member forum? If not, is there a dedicated Facebook group or other group to connect with? Active member forums or groups are of great benefit in a coaching program. Being able to ask questions and have other members as contacts is a huge benefit!
  • Is it clear and concise what the program offers? In other words, after you complete one section, do you need to buy more programs just to move on to the next? Internet marketing coaches make money online, that’s a fact, but a good coach won’t make it so you have to buy product after product just to complete the course.
  • Finally, is the program what you want to do? There are many ways to be successful with an online business. Each program offers something different – a different way to run a business. If you’re not entirely clear on what the program offers, and you’re feeling frustrated rather than excited, then maybe it’s time to look for different Internet marketing coaching.

A final thought on internet marketing coaching

Also critical to the success of a coaching program is that you focus your activities on the program. Don’t deviate from the coaching plan. Learn from it.

Also, coaching doesn’t work if you don’t agree with the coach. If you constantly disagree with what he or she is telling you, then maybe it’s time to find another coach. It’s not worth the constant struggle.

To be truly successful with a program, you must be willing to follow someone else’s lead and let them coach you. When you sign up or enroll in a program, you do so with an absolute desire to learn what they teach.


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