Secret Tips to Get a 9 Band score in IELTS Test

IELTS exam

Obtaining 9 bands on the IELTS exam is seen as a difficult achievement by the majority of test-takers. Many people feel that getting a perfect band score of 9 is practically unattainable. The mere concept of attaining 9 rings may fill anybody with delight and exhilaration. However, the majority of students believe that only skilled native speakers may get 9 bands on the IELTS test, which is completely untrue. The point is, in this world, nothing is impossible. We have a tendency to weaken ourselves, which hinders us from accomplishing the impossible. If you are determined to accomplish anything, you can move mountains to attain it.

Having 9 bands is a great accomplishment. Many people want to achieve this yet are frequently self-conscious about their talents. It might be challenging, particularly if you are a non-native speaker, but persevere! As previously said, nothing is impossible if you have set your sights on something. Are you striving for a score of 9 on the IELTS? If this is the case, it is critical to seek expert assistance. Apart from it, you need to know the IELTS exam date to start your preparation earlier and that too in a better way.

Is it really difficult to get 9 bands?

There is no doubt that scoring 9 on the IELTS test is a mammoth endeavour. Your vocabulary must be exceptional. Your fluency and pronunciation must be flawless. You should be able to confidently and effectively explain your thoughts, ideas, and so on to the examiner. There must be no room for error or lapse. You must be flawless. Yes, reading all of this may make you think that getting 9 bands isn’t your cup of tea, but before you think so, relax and read the following advice to strive for the ideal band score of 9.

Identifying weak points

After you have studied for all of the IELTS test modules, determine which ones you are not as successful in. You must strive for more than 8.5 bands in each module, thus each module’s preparation must be flawless.  Find the example written responses of people who received 9 bands. Now read their responses attentively and compare them to yours. This will assist you in determining whether or not you are missing out on anything. There are several videos on YouTube showing interviews with successful applicants. Look through them all. Observe how the best performers talk and the kind of thoughts they develop, as well as how they convey and communicate them to the examiner during their IELTS test.

Increase your exposure to English as much as possible.

Before taking the IELTS test, you should totally immerse yourself in the English language. Every day, expose yourself to English. Instead of spending time viewing uninteresting television programmes, turn to English news networks such as BBC, CNN, and others. Listen to the fantastic English commentary on wildlife stations. Every day, read English newspapers. It will introduce you to numerous new and intriguing terms and vastly expand your vocabulary.
Try conversing with people in English. If you are having difficulty in the beginning, don’t panic; if you talk on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain a continuous flow. Join online discussion forums where the IELTS test is routinely discussed.
Many students study for the PTE test as well. If you want to acquire the highest possible score on the IELTS and PTE tests, we recommend that you to check the IELTS and PTE exam date so you can plan your preparation schedule accordingly.

Increase your practice time.

Regular preparation is essential for doing well on the IELTS test. Before your final IELTS exam, you must take as many mock examinations as possible. Mock exams should be timed so that you can see how fast you are. If you are slow in certain areas, you might design a method to improve your speed. 


So, bear in mind that nothing is impossible in life. Practice and dedication may work miracles. We all have potential and talents, but many of us do not put forth enough effort to realise them. So pull your socks up and strike the target with a band score of 9 on your IELTS test.


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