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How To Avoid A Breakup In A Relationship: 10 Tips

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Over the years, the common question amongst partners/couples is ‘how to avoid a breakup’ consciously or unconsciously, so many sweet relationships has fallen apart which is the new normal. The 21st century relationships according to personal research tends to have increased breakups due to many juvenile indulging themselves in what I call ‘immature relationships’. However, a breakup is not necessarily determined by age or experiences, it’s usually determined by true love, trust and mutual understanding.

Every romance/relationship today undergoes a test of time, at a point in every relationship, unfavorable situations and circumstances set in but the wisdom of ‘how-to-handle’ the unfavorable moment is what majority lacks. Research haven’t revealed specific ways on how to avoid a breakup in a relationship but below are the proven ways on ‘how to avoid a breakup’.


Communication is key and utmost priority in every relationship. Engaging in an effective communication with your partner is the number one determinant factor of a longlasting relationship. The scripture says ‘ Your mind is where your treasure lies’ if truly you cherish and love your partner, you will definitely communicate him/her. Many breakups would have been prevented with mutual understanding and effective communication. There is no excuse for lack of communication.
Communication gets you connected to your partner, your partner might be facing or experiencing an unfriendly situation; a simple communication might electrify and rekindle a sour relationship.


Respect plays a significant role in a romance journey, you don’t love who you don’t respect, when you lose respect for your partner, loving him/her tends to become difficulty. There are times where disagreement will set in, but that’s never an excuse to disrespect your partner. Respect is reciprocal; it’s one of the necessary ingredients that spices up a relationship.

Show Affection ❤️

Love – mygidiblog

Never hide your feelings, be expressive. Let your partner knows you love him/her, sounds too natural right? Yes! This is a simple tactics that can prolong the life of any relationship. I know the question that may probably be going through your mind right now is, ‘ Will showing affection to my partner not make him/her lose interest or present you cheap’ my answer is ‘No’.  Endeavor to show affection to your partner but do not spam him or her. Remember ‘too much of everything is bad’.

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Sharing same aspirations and visions makes relationship fun and enjoyable. Common goals and visions set the relationship in a right path as they both head towards same direction with similar visions. Relationship with overly diverse visions tend to fall apart easily. Some breakups can not be avoided, however, there are certain approaches on ‘how to avoid a breakup’ sharing similar visions unify partners.

Avoid being defensive.

Learn how to accept your flaws, be quick to listen and slow to speak. Don’t be too defensive, trying to be right or prove a point at all time disrupt a good relationship quickly. Being too defensive causes conflict and I’m sure you know what that means. Frequent conflicts with your partner might cause a breakup that can be avoided with mere calmness and understanding. Practice how to present words appropriately to your partner, accept your mistakes and apologize. This simple tactics skyrocket every relationship to the peak and mostly avoid unnecessary breakup.

Avoid being insultive

Insulting – mygidiblog

Are you a saucy type? Are you the type that insults too quickly? Then, I must confess, that isn’t cool at all because you’re walking in a path of a breakup. A mature relationship detest insults, never for anything abuse/insult your partner. No matter what happened or the circumstances, do not insult your partner. Be coolheaded enough to be able to handle any situation that may come your way. I know you won’t like to insults someone you claim to love dearly. Insults from another perspective is a contributing factor to low self esteem. Being insultive doesn’t present anyone well,
if you have inculcated the habit or probably inculcating it, then I guess it’s hightime you stopped to save your relationship from breakup.

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Be Real

Realness is wellness. Be true to yourself, shy away from deceitfulness. Stay real and say no to pretense in your relationship. Sincerity and realness works hands on hands. Being real builds your self confidence, makes your relationship more healthy, it leads to respect and greater trust from your partner.

Be an active listener

Be attentive and be an active listener, do not always have answers to everything, it makes you a bad listener. Being an active listener makes you coherent and positively analytical as it allows you digest every words and utter meaningfully not gibberish or exhibiting some kind of misbehaviors. Listening and thoughtfulness are display of intelligence and maturity.

Avoid being over-reactive

Over-reaction splits partners, it put both partners at risk of possible breakup. Over-reaction can be excessive action or severe anxiety. Understand what triggers you and how to handle or control your emotions. When you’re being overreaction and your nervous system is always high then a breakup might not be avoided. Learn to pause in a conversation with your partner, think before you speak and then respond. These tactics saves you from a whole lots of stress of unnecessary arguments and conflicts. 

Avoid being too analytical

Learning how to overlook is paramount to growth in romance, when you’re too analytical, you gradually open doors to misunderstanding, bad-times, trivial issues that doesn’t worth aggressiveness but soft-handling. Even when you’re right at times, accept you’re wrong to save yourself overemphasizing or proving a point.

Conclusively, one of the popular searches on Google today is ‘how to avoid breakup’ but unfortunately there are no magical healings to avoid breakup in a relationship. You’re only in the right position to determine whether you want to save your relationship from a breakup or not. The only magical healings recommended on ‘how to avoid a breakup’ is to work on each other. Be open change and adjustment. Relationship is rigid I must confess but at the same time most important part of our lives. Be cool with yourself, create a balance in your love life, establish inner peace and nurse your relationship with love.

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