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8 warning signs you are in toxic relationship

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Oluwatumininu Isola
Oluwatumininu Isola is a Content Creator. A student of English Literature at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Ever seen a perfect, flawless relationship? I’m definite there is none. Relationships go through ups and downs; however, it becomes draining when you get more unpleasant moments in your relationship.
Your relationship should make you feel loved, safe, secure, and wanted, Not the depleted feeling you get often. I’ve realized that toxicity occurs in all forms of relationships. Hence, if any of these sounds familiar, you should know it’s time to take a walk.

1. Never admits to being wrong.

If the other party constantly sees all they do as the best for you both, even when it’s glaring that they’re wrong, then you should know something needs to be done. You having to accept you are wrong always because you want things to work. I see no reason why you should stay in such a relationship becomes its definite heading for doom.

2. Extremely manipulative

A relationship where you always feel out of control and always question your opinion is nothing but manipulative.

3. Selfish and self-centered

It’s normal to love oneself; however, if you are in a relationship where your partner has never tried to compromise, it is dangerous. They always want to control every aspect of your life and feel no remorse about it. Run!!!

4. Entitlement

There is a healthy entitlement, where you should be entitled to things like faithfulness, honesty, communication in your relationship. However, it becomes unhealthy when your partner wants the world revolving around them. They want all your time, money without reciprocating in any way.

5. Lack of trust

“Trust is the glue that binds a relationship. Without trust, it’s nearly impossible for any relationship to last. Period.

6. Physical abuse

It is no news that threats and verbal insults can lead to physical violence. Hence, when your partner pulls, slaps, or hurts you, it’s a strong indication that the relationship has become toxic.

7. All your effort, love, compromise comes from you.

No one can keep a relationship together when they’re the only one to do the job. It’s tiring and frustrating. If all you give is not enough, you need to let go of the fantasy that you can make things work because it will never be.

8. Obsession

Obsessed individuals see this as loving you hard in their way. They do not want friends around you regardless of gender. If you are with someone like this, he/she can be the end of you.

It’s vital to make compromises in relationships, but your happiness, self-esteem, and self-respect should be at the top of your bucket list—always. You should love to let go. When you are with someone who tends to crush those vital parts, you know it’s time to leave. You owe yourself every good thing on earth. You deserve to be happy, safe, and secure


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Abowha onorode victor
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