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10 Signs of a cheating partner

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Gideon Abowha
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Are you finding it difficult to know whether your partner cheats or not? It’s pitiful that there is no perfect relationship, both genders are prone to cheating. Larger percentage of relationships are broken on daily basis with cheat being the root cause. Well! Worry no more, as I’ll be giving you an insights on 10 signs of a cheating partner in your relationship.

Relationship in a layman’s term is being an intimate friend with someone either with a man or a woman as the case may be, they can refer to each other as a partner. They’re prone to share their secret without hiding anything from the partner. A partner is supposed to know his or her partner’s strengths and weaknesses, his likes and dislikes, you can’t claim to be in a romance with someone you do not perfectly know well. Two serious partners should be able to tell if the other person is actually in love or not. They should be able to identify when any one of them is deviating from the things that keep the relationship firm. They must be vigilant to detect when the other partner is not making effort for the growth of the relationship. Cheating partners doesn’t last-long, infact there is no justification whatsoever for being a cheat in your relationship. However, you must be sensitive enough to detect whether your partner is cheating or not, below are the 10 signs of a cheating partner:

Carefree Attitude

When a particular partner starts cheating in a relationship, he tends to develop a carefree attitude, he/she automatically exhibit strange and odd behaviors that attract negative vibes in the relationship. When your partner starts exhibiting a carefree attitude then you need to reevaluate the relationship to determine the cause of the carefree attitude but this is definitely one of the discovered signs of a cheating partner.

Calls rejection/lack of attention

When a partner starts cheating, he or she is likely to start avoiding you, and always engaged, thereby giving incessant excuses day-in day-out. No matter how busy a partner might be, if he/she truly loves you, putting a call through shouldn’t be a problem as there’s no justification for not doing that. When you start noticing these signs in your partner, then, you need to start checking yourself because your partner might be cheating already.

Avoiding eye contact

A cheating partner may not have the guts to look at his or her partner straight in the eyes, there are definitely thousand words attached to his look. Lol! You may find it hard to read meaning out of his eyes, this is one of the signs to notice when a partner started cheating in a relationship, he can’t focus his eyes on you for long.

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Irritation at all time

At the beginning of a relationship, it used to be fun, everything goes rosy as usual, you laugh at every little joke your partner cracks but immediately those funny jokes don’t seem to make him or her laugh or smile again, then, there is certainly something fishy behind those reactions and this is sure signs of a cheating partner.


When a partner starts cheating on you, unavailability becomes the new normal, by then you should be suspicious . At the abinitio of the relationship, both partner are always available for special moment but within twinkle of an eye those moment stopped reoccurring. Being available at all time for each other as partners is what strengthen the relationship, the moment this sign evoke, you know what that mean already? Clearly signs of cheating partner.

Hidden phone calls

The moment your partner starts making hidden calls in disguise and doesn’t feel comfortable to answer calls around you anymore as usual, always l running out of the scene to answer phone calls, extremely sounding weird/odd while answering calls then you should start getting suspicious. Openness and trust is one of the intrinsic foundation of true relationship, hiding stuffs from your partner leads to individual curiosity which might cause distrust in the relationship.

Deleting SMS/Chat

Once you discover your partner deletes social media messages and text messages at all time then it’s definitely a bad omen, a little complain triggers annoyance with defensive proofs to justify his/her actions then you should understand psychologically what might be happening. Finding peace and comfort in each other is the bedrock of a relationship, once you notice an halt then you should know something is wrong already, a partner must be sensitive enough to detect signs of a cheating partner.

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When the relationship was healthy, your partner may not even bother having a password to his or her social media accounts, at some point both partner have free access to each other mobile thou some people believe checking your partner mobile is intrusion of privacy but in some cases especially at the beginning of the relationship, both partner have access to his each mobile without passcode, once you realized a change in this then something is definitely suspicious.


This really concerns mostly the unmarried and it’s one of the serious signs to notice when a partner is cheating on you, with the level of new development and enlightenment, you shouldn’t doubt this kind such partner of not having another baby girl because at the beginning of the relationship both partners barge into each other’s apartment unannounced but once there’s another person involved in that relationship, he starts demanding for privacy, you need to announce when you want to visit him to avoid being caught, with this kind of action you’re sure of having a cheating partner.

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Sounding Weird

When your partner starts responding weird in the relationship especially to questions that relate to the future and growth of the relationship, he doesn’t seem interested and perhaps try avoiding such discussion then I must categorically tell you that you don’t need any prophet or prophetess to interpret to you what that meant. This is clearly signs of a cheating partner who seems uninterested.

Conclusively, love is meant to be fun and romantic, no one want to be in a relationship with a cheating partner but you must be extremely sensitive enough to know a cheating partner to avoid wasting your precious time in a fruitless relationship.

Penned By: Gloria Oge Joseph

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