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8 Amazing Marriage Proposal Ideas To Make Her Say YES!

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Ebuka Izowe
Content Creator & Copywriter. Aspiring student of Delta State University

After much consideration, you have decided to marry the woman of your life. Good luck with the preparations! While browsing the net, you came across a great article that allowed you to choose an engagement ring, all you have to do is give it to her. Unfortunately, I do not decently give a jewel so heavy with meaning as I offer a box of chocolates at Christmas. This is why I have looked into the subject to give you some tips and advice so as not to miss this moment. 

A woman does not always listen to what is said to her, but a woman never forgets! She will therefore know how to laugh at you if you have the misfortune to make her a ridiculous marriage proposal. Also, keep in mind that they generally like surprises. 

There are a multitude of ways to make your request, I’m giving you 8 today, they are not necessarily the best but it’s already a good start to help you. And your suggestions are welcome!

A few tips before making your request:

– Make sure she will say yes, or that she is not impervious to the idea of ​​getting married. 

– Avoid overly original requests, unforeseen events may ruin everything, play it sober. 

– The costume is not obligatory, do not prepare yourself too much, the surprise will be even greater. 

– Prefer an intimate place rather than a request in public, share this moment only with her. 

– Radio, TV, or even flashmob requests: seen and reviewed, too much. 

– Give up the idea of ​​hiding the ring in a cupcake, ridiculous and risk of suffocation.

1. The most classic: in a good restaurant

A meeting in a good restaurant, a sure bet. If you choose a fancy restaurant that you are not used to frequenting, invent a special occasion such as a promotion that would explain the choice of the restaurant without arousing her suspicion. I advise you at the end of the meal, once relaxed at the time of dessert, to drink a glass of champagne and offer to become your wife. A delicate bouquet brought by a waiter just before the request is a pretty good idea.

2. The most romantic: a candlelit dinner

The simplest but undoubtedly the most effective. She comes home from work exhausted but you have prepared a bath for her to relax her because you are a caring guy. Use a couple of friends as an excuse to get her ready for a minimum and when she comes down the stairs – you need at least a duplex for this scenario – a path of candles and roses will guide her to a charming little girl. table for a candlelit dinner. If you are not worthy of Top chef, a home chef will do. The rest you know it 

3. The most family-friendly: with the help of your loved ones

If the family is important to her, consider letting her family know. Be careful, however, that they know how to keep the secret to leave the surprise intact. Organize a family meal to put the ring on her finger in the presence of Aunt Michelle. 

If you have them, use your children to make your proposal; for example, one morning your youngest comes to wake her up with a drawing from you with “Do you want to marry dad? “. Tears guaranteed or refunded.

4. The riskiest: the emotional lift

Warning! This method is more than risky, badly used it can lead you straight to celibacy. During a more than a serious conversation with her, let her know that you are not ready for marriage or worse than you are resistant to it. Take advantage of the shock of the announcement to propose to her a few days later. Considering your recent speech, she won’t expect it at all. Surprise guaranteed!

5. The most nostalgic: recreating your first meeting

We all know that women love dates, keep objects that remind them of a specific moment, in short, they remember everything and love to show you that you have no heart or memory. Why not prove her wrong?… Invite her to this little restaurant at the same table where you were when you met, or even on the bench where you kissed her for the first time. If you also choose the date of your meeting anniversary, Madam will be won over.

6. The most fun: a treasure hunt

If you are playful and a bit vicious, treasure hunting is an interesting option. Find some pretext for her to find your first message which will lead her to a second and so on. To personalize this search, use personal memories like “meeting at the bar of our first meeting” etc. In the end, you will wait for her on one knee to ask for her hand. 

Be original and organize yourself so that the treasure hunt is neither too long nor too restrictive, it might not go to the end …

7. The most theatrical: with an improved league

If your sweetheart appreciates the theater and more particularly that of improvisation, why not kill two birds with one stone? Find a cast of comedians who will accept your request and agree with them to establish an original script. Thus, during the show, your companion will not suspect anything since during this type of performance nothing seems strange to her.

8. Finally: via a screen

If you prefer technology to romance, make your request via a screen. Yes, we tend to believe that technology and romance don’t mix, rightly or wrongly… Watch a vacation album on your computer and slip a snapshot of you with the famous engagement ring between two photos. 

Otherwise, more restrictive, do like this man who filmed himself every day for a year with the famous sentence and the date on each sequence. For the lazy, you can cheat and turn it all in just a few days.

So there you have it my amazing 8 marriage proposal ideas to try out. Don’t thank me!

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