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4 Beautiful Steps To Plan Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

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Ebuka Izowe
Content Creator & Copywriter. Aspiring student of Delta State University

There is no secret formula for understanding love and making it last. However, surprises and passion are. That is why your first wedding anniversary is so important and deserves to be organized in great detail. 

Everyone is free to celebrate this key date in their way, yet most newlyweds get carried away by social conventions, restaurants, travel, romantic dinner… Why not add a bit of madness and originality to all of this by filling up on ideas?

So below are some of the steps to take in planning your first wedding anniversary.

Step 1. Probe your partner

Before you get down to the organization, you must know the tastes of your partner as well as his and her philosophy regarding wedding anniversaries. There are more or less expansive couples in everyday life, yet you should anticipate his and her reaction to this kind of event.

Adept of birthdays and romantic moments, beware. Make sure your other half is on the same line. If you have the same opinion on the subject, then go for it, anything goes!

Step 2. Carry out research

The golden rule? Make your partner happy! We then look for what he and she like, what he and she doesn’t like, what surprises him and her, and what annoys him and her daily. You surely already know a lot about him and her, yet everyone keeps a part of the mystery, a little secret garden, so do not hesitate to dig on that side, you might well surprise him. To dwell on the small details, its specificities, its past passions, memories, and dreams to come. You will then be sure to avoid wrong notes.

Step 3. Organize a unique scenario

Want to mark the occasion? You might have thought about organizing a walk, a movie screening, a good meal, or a sunset. But don’t you already do this every weekend?

Change of program, we break the routine of weekends to develop a unique scenario. It’s a special night! In homage to your younger years, escape! Take the wheel to the nearby forest for a night under the stars, swap the cinema and the usual restaurant for a café theater or a tasting dinner, try the museums, galleries, and cocktail bars in your city, or take the wide for the first destination. Rediscover, in love, the carefreeness of your twenty years.

Step 4. Focus on originality

Your partner is one of a kind, at least for you. Treat it like one! Then develop the perfect plan, and find him an extraordinary gift. At mygidiblog, in our opinion, the usual gifts usually serve their purpose, but for a birthday we are looking for something more, against the stereotype. 

Let’s break the codes!… Exit the bouquet and box of chocolates, a universe of possibilities are offered to you including gifts following his personality and his tastes. Sports accessories, plane tickets, or show tickets are therefore preferred to traditional watches, jewelry, ties, or shoes. Think romanticism and creativity!

Rather an artist? Why not bet on a truly personal gift? Songs, poems, sculptures or paintings, any form of art in general are a lovely way to celebrate your love and pay homage to your loved one. Creative effort is always appreciated.

On the other hand, if you are not a master of the bass or the ink, try to arrange an activity that resembles your couple or remembers your half good memories. Guided tours, road trips, or even treasure hunts will seduce the most reserved hearts.

Step 5. Pay attention to the details

Keep in mind that celebrating a wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be. If you get started in the organization, it is of course first of all to please your partner, but you must also have fun in the company of this task, often complex. However, from the moment you choose romance, you will have to give yourself 200% and not leave any detail to chance. 

The wedding anniversary is an important and ideal date to organize something special, however, your daily life also requires surprise, lightness, and magic so that the flame never goes out and that throughout your life, each of your days is just as unique.

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