Lahaul Valley


While planning the journey, Lahaul was linked with the Spiti Valley.It still matters a lot today.But,with the construction and inauguration of the Atal Tunnel,Lahaul has become much more accessible and for many is an extension of the Manali journey!Even if people don’t have many days–going to the other side of the tunnel is now a legal activity.But,if you happen to be mesmerized by Lahaul on your short trip–I am sure you will fall in love when you explore this place extensively!So,if you are looking for a detailed and general itinerary to visit Lahaul Valley,So look no further,this article dives deep into all the necessary details for you.


The Lahaul Valley boasts of a very small valley and has some of the most stunning views of glaciers,rivers,monasteries,deep gorges and high peaks.Of course,Lahaul makes up half of the Lahaul-Spiti district.But,Lahaul is separated from its sister Spiti by the huge Kunzum Pass.


Even though the summer months are wonderful and the weather very cold, the winters are equally mesmerizing.Some areas have been known to fall as much as 10 feet of snow. Before this season,Lahaul was cut off from the world,But the mighty Atal Tunnel has made it possible to enjoy the beauty of the region during the winter months.In the coming season you will also be able to ski in Lahaul.


Lying only 33 km away from Manali on the Manali-Leh Highway – reaching Lahaul has never been easier.The valley begins at the northern end of the Atal Tunnel, which is essentially a bridge between Manali and Lahaul.Lahaul district extends up to Sarchu on the Manali-Leh highway (about halfway from Leh!).lso be able to ski in Lahaul.


The nearest airport is Kullu (Bhuntar) airport,which is about 51 kms from Manali.Cabs and buses are available here to go to Lahaul Valley.


The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar,which is located at a drive of 4 hours from Manali. Buses and cabs are available at the railway station.However,in terms of comfort–Chandigarh is a better destination for both the airport and the railways.Because it enjoys high connectivity with the rest of India.


The best way to reach Lahaul is by road. The best part about Lahaul Village is that most of the places (except hiking of course) are motorable.So,having your vehicle will give you a lot of freedom to travel and explore.In terms of reaching the valley–you will travel to Manali.And from there Atal will walk towards the tunnel.

Once you cross the tunnel,you are in the Lahaul Valley – ready to start your journey!One thing to note is that you can explore small villages and hamlets to get a true sense of the life in Lahaul,If accommodation sounds like a concern,remember to check with the locals for guidance,Or plan to return to a major village (Jispa,Keylong,Udaipur) for the night! Camping is also a very valid option,which I will discuss in detail below.


Enjoying new and recent connectivity,Lahaul is a new tourist hotspot these days.Some of the major places worth visiting are as follows,Essentially,Lahaul valley is sub-divided into the following 4 valleys

Tinan Valley:-

Stretching from Khoksar to Tandi, Tinan Valley is your introduction to Lahaul. There is so much to do here,and each village offers something unique for you.The villages of Teling,Jagadjung and Shurthang are easily accessible from Sisu. Sightseeings here include-


The waterfall is visible from all parts of Sisu and makes for a great accompaniment on your drive.I sit at a dhaba for my breakfast on the way to Leh.And I had the cool scene as the background! However,if you have a 4X4 and are willing to hike for an hour.So you can comfortably get close to the waterfall and spend a day by it.To reach the waterfall,take a diversion from the nursery and continue straight uphill.If you are confused/lost the locals will be happy to guide you.


Another important and fun hike from Sissu is going towards Labrang Gompa,just 3 kms from the village.The road to Jagdhang village is paved and a motorable road is also available.The views will mesmerize you.And the fresh air will make you feel alive. The freedom to climb a mountain is such a privilege.


Right when you enter Keylong,you are now part of the Gahar Valley. The Lady of Keylong Peak will be your co-traveller when you are in this village. You are at present about 110 KM from Manali,District head quarters. This is the beginning of your love affair with the search for the gompa. Some of the more famous ones include:


The oldest gompa of Lahaul,Guru Ghantal is truly valuable! Can only be reached on foot via a steep climb,Guru Ghantal Trek starts from Tupchiling Gompa near Tandi Pul. The views from above are especially beautiful and the serenity of the place will knock your socks off!


Established by Deva Gyatsho–the Lama of Zanskar,Shashur Gompa is one of the largest gompas in the region. Situated around 5 KM from Keylong–this place is worth visiting. If you have your own car–drive to the gompa. Alternatively, you can also book a cab from Keylong,or hike uphill. To enjoy the religious history and stunning views of the valley.


Starting from Darcha takes you to Sarchu at the very end of the Himachal Pradesh border. The valley also includes the Shingo La Pass.

On a personal note, Todd (Todh) Valley is one of my favorite places on earth and some of my happiest travel memories are from here. So, I am a little biased when it comes to the wonders of this super beautiful place. Some of the most scenic spots on this part of the Lahaul Valley include:


Barlacha-la. Those who have been on the Manali Leh Highway are aware of the innate charm of this high pass (16043 ft). Located about 80 km from Keylong,Baralacha-La is ethereal in its beauty. The darkness of the mountain almost resembling coal-black, sprinkled. With purity and snow-whiteness is indescribable and must be experienced to be understood. The pass, considering its height, is always covered with snow. If you’re lucky,So like me, you can experience snowfall here. Even in june


The last valley to form part of the Lahaul Valley is the Pattan Valley. It covers the area from Tandi to Udaipur.One of the least finished areas of Lahaul–Pattan is undeniably the most beautiful!


Udaipur of Lahaul is very fertile and low. It is the gateway to the Pangi Valley in Chamba district and is about 55 km from Keylong.


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