How to turn off the drain in the bathroom?

How to turn off the drain in the bathroom

We were before – we were bathing. And all of a sudden we felt water coming from our feet, yuk! Stand in front of a drain pipe or basin that you have locked, and brush your teeth before you know it. The wash basin is half full. No one likes to deal with closed drains because they take time and feel dirty. However, most home bathrooms have occasional or multiple blocked drains. The best practice is to prepare yourself to solve this problem by how to open the CANALISATION BOUCHÉ.

Why did they happen?

Locked drains can form when hair, dust, and particles get trapped between the drain and downstairs in your bathroom. The problem is exacerbated when household products, such as soaps, detergents, shampoos and conditioners, are allowed, by the way, as a result of increased accumulation. When the aggressive mass is too thick, the water flows freely. The problem has been identified as a blocked drain pipe. If the water in the tub and the tub collects rapidly, it should come out of the drain smoothly over a period of time. Maybe you already have plumbing on hand.

Hang your drain.

If you are dealing with a locked bathroom sink or bathroom drain. There are several things you can do to help ease the way. If you work with a sink or bathroom drain. The first step is to remove the cork. When using zinc, it can be as easy as removing or removing it, looking under the sink and removing the nut that holds it in place. When using the bath you can remove or remove the nails on the drain. Drain plate to remove assembly.

Once you clear the stop, you can see the reason for the block. Most likely, it looks like a lot of hair and debris wrapped around the drainage technology. Pull down and remove as much as possible. If it is difficult to reach a locked area or mass that is difficult to grasp, use wire hangers to support work, hair wash, soap residue and particles. Maybe you can solve this problem.

If you break the drain and see that the block does not reach the place where the wire hangs, you will have to try another method. A drain faucet helps you to remove obstructions that are too deep to reach by hand. Cover the drain with a damp cloth first to ensure strong suction from the pipe. Then place the plumbing on the plumbing button. straight away. Further, when the piston is launched, the piston vibrates several times up and down. The condensed water should drain immediately.

If the piston system fails to open the drain hose correctly. You should apply chemical drain cleaners. This method should only be used as a last resort as chemicals are dangerous and can damage your bathroom fixtures.


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