How to Improve Your Memory While Preparing for the Government Exams?

government exams

There is a widespread craze for government jobs in India. Government jobs come with several perks like job security, good salary, etc. To get a government job you have to clear exams first. And clearing these exams is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those who put in all their efforts and dedication are able to crack the government exams.

Having a good memory is very important while preparing for government exams as you are required to memorize several concepts.  You have to retain lots of information and be able to remember and process it when required. You don’t have to cram or mug up things but remember and memorize them after clear understanding. Are you a banking aspirant? If yes, then we suggest you connect with an esteemed institution providing Bank Coaching in Delhi and give your preparations a flying start!

We have prepared this article to provide them with some handy tips for improving memory while preparing for the government exams. 

 Be attentive

Many students do not pay full attention while preparing for exams. They may be wondering about unnecessary things. A key part of a good memory is proper attention. Sometimes the study environment is not suitable. Interfering family members, noisy environment, television, etc, may distract you while you prepare for exams. Hence remove all the distractions so that your full focus and attention remains on your studies only. Find a peaceful and isolated place to study.

 Be more organized

 If information is scattered then it becomes difficult to process and memorize it.    You should collect all the required resource material before you sit out for your preparations-

  • Try writing the information in your own words. 
  • Use pointers to break down large information into smaller chunks. 
  • Find similar concepts and organize them into a single group 

If you are facing trouble in doing so you should seek expert guidance. If you are aiming to crack SSC exams then it’s ideal to connect with the best institute providing SSC Coaching in Delhi.

 Visualization technique

Take help of pictures, cue cards, videos, graphs, etc to memorize concepts. While solving a problem try to visualize it in real life. If you have come across some new English words then find out how you can use them in your daily life. Try to connect things with real-life examples. 

For example, the word gabby means annoyingly talkative. If you are a cricket enthusiast you will know about Gabba stadium in Australia. Australian players are known to sledge a lot and indulge in an annoying commentary. So you can connect the word gabby with Gabba and hence memorize its meaning. 

Using Mnemonics

Mnemonics are a fun way to increase memory. Try memorizing complex concepts through wordplay. For example-  

UN Permanent members- RUSSIAN FACE 

Russia, France, America, China, England 

Countries bordering the Red Sea – SAY SEED 

Saudi Arab, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Djibouti 

As you can see taking the first letters of places and making a different word out of the collected letters is an interesting way to remember complex concepts.  You can devise your mnemonics as per your syllabus. If you are facing a problem in retaining information while preparing for banking exams then time to join the best institute providing Bank Coaching in Delhi. 

 Say it loudly
When you speak information loudly then it becomes easier for your brain to remember it. When you are memorizing idioms, phrases, etc say them aloud as science says that doing so helps in fitting the information in your brain easily. You can rehearse the information you have studied by reading it loud again and again. 

 Spaced repetition 

This is a science-backed technique to improve memory. You should not mug up too much information in one single day. You have to provide space for your brain while learning. For example- If you have learned 10 new words in one day or covered 3 new concepts of logical reasoning then you should keep the rest of the words/concepts for the next day. 

You need not push your brain beyond limits as doing so will make you forget everything you learned. Take appropriate time breaks while preparing for government exams. If you are residing in Laxmi Nagar or nearby and plan to give SSC exams then join the renowned institute providing SSC Coaching in Delhi.

 Eat healthily

 While preparing for exams many students miss out on eating healthy food on time.    Your brain is processing so much new information every day therefore it needs to be provided with good food for proper functioning. Several studies have been conducted till now which have proved that eating certain superfoods like walnuts, berries, fish, etc boosts memory. 

Avoid intake of sugary foods, and beverages as these make you lazy and drowsy. Your memory power might take a hit if you keep on consuming such foods regularly. Along with healthy eating exercise regularly. It will help stimulate new connections in your brain. 


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