How to Buy a Perfect Mountain Bicycle for You

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Mountain bikes, usually abbreviated as MTB or ATB (All Terrain Bicycle), are bicycles specifically designed for off-road riding. This activity involves traversing rocks and washouts and climbing inclines on dirt trails, forest roads and other unpaved environments. There are basically five types of mountain bikes: cross country MTB, trail MTB, downhill MTB, freeride MTB and dirt jump MTB. Each type is designed to tackle different types of terrain and obstacles Zize Bikes.

Zize Bikes

Cross Country MTB (or XC bikes): This type of mountain bike is specifically designed to tackle off-road trails with low to moderate obstacles. They can be used for moderate climbs and descents.

Trail MTB, basically a variation of cross-country mountain bikes. This type is equipped with a softer suspension system to handle harder and more technical obstacles. Because of the softer suspension, these mountain bikes require more effort from the rider when pedaling as a result of the increased suspension travel.

Downhill MTBs (or DH bikes) designed specifically for downhill trails and race tracks with step drops. These mountain bikes have more suspension travel than other mountain bikes. Because they are designed for fast descents, they are difficult to use for climbs. DH bikes are often equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Freeride MTB, basically a variation of downhill mountain bikes, but they are easier to pedal. The difference lies in the crank and derailleur used. Freeride MTB, which work both as XC MTB and DH MTB.

Dirt Jump MTB, this type looks like an oversized BMX bike with front suspension. These mountain bikes are used for jumping as well as road riding and slalom racing.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to buy a cross country mountain bike. This type can perform almost all the tasks that mountain bikes are made for. It is also less expensive. However, it is also advisable to think about the type of riding you want to do. You don’t have to buy the most expensive mountain bikes with all sorts of features that you don’t need.

But never buy the cheapest mountain bike you can afford, because the inferior components are likely to wear out faster and therefore need to be replaced or repaired sooner. It is very important for you to choose a mountain bike that is sturdy and durable. Always remember that you want to get a mountain bike that you can rely on it.

Knowing how to maintain and repair your own mountain bike is very important to make it reliable and safe to ride. Some people think that repairing a mountain bike must be done by a bike mechanic. However, some repairs you can do yourself without the help of a mechanic. Some of these can be done on the side of the road if your bike develops a mechanical problem while you are riding. However, to be able to perform these repairs, you must have the necessary knowledge and tools to help you.

Repair kit
Anyone who owns a mountain bike should always have a repair kit with them. This is usually a bag that is attached in front of the handlebars or behind the bicycle saddle. This bag should always be carried on longer rides, because it contains tools needed to maintain and repair your own mountain bike. It should contain Allen wrenches, Allen keys and other tools that are essential for adjusting the brakes and seats of the bike. Materials for patching flat tubes are other basic requirements that should be included in the bike bag. You should also have a hand pump that you can use to inflate the tires of your bike when you go on a long bike ride. With such tools you can ride long distances and fix any mechanical problem on your mountain bike with ease.


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