How To Benefit From Networking?


If you put in the effort and start expanding and deepening your social connections, it will certainly pay off.

1.     Prepare In Advance

If you are going to a meeting, such as CMO Summit or other such conferences and you know exactly who you are going to meet, we advise you to prepare. Use Facebook and LinkedIn for the rescue. Skim through the pages, and grab something that will be useful. Suddenly you have common interests, then the conversation will easily start. Just do not immediately open all the trump cards. Take into service what you need if the dialogue comes to a standstill after a couple of on-duty phrases.

2.     Be Original

o be remembered by a person, it is important to get an emotional response. Prepare a short self-presentation for 15-30 seconds, and tell a funny story. The same goes for business cards. Let it be extraordinary. We are not robots, so do not be ashamed of your hobbies and personal achievements.

3.     Always Meet

You never know what a new acquaintance will bring. At worst, nothing, at best, a long-term friendship. It is friendly relations that are a solid basis for long-term cooperation. Some people think it’s unethical to start socializing for profit. But all sales are built on this. Now account-based marketing is popular.

4.     Ask For Help

The expression “got a job through an acquaintance” also has a negative connotation. However, this is a widespread phenomenon.  A familiar specialist is more likely to be hired than an expert from the street. It may sound unfair, but no one is stopping you from making the right contacts and using them too.

5.     Filter Contacts

It is good when the circle of your acquaintances affects different areas. In this case, it is better to take not quantity, but quality. Moreover, the number of social connections is not infinite. In order to have enough time and attention for those people with whom it is important for you to keep in touch, it may be worth sacrificing some friends from the social network. Especially if he is from the category of silent observers.

6.     Take Action

Purposefulness will help to find a common language with anyone. Yes, for someone to start a casual conversation is not a problem, but for another, talking to a stranger is like death. But if you have a goal that is more important than comfort, then it will be easier to get acquainted. 

If you have a problem in business, identify your company’s weaknesses and pains and determine where you could benefit from advice.  If you are at a professional conference, think about who those present and how can help you? What recommendations would you like to receive?

7.     Keep In Touch

Remember that networking is not a one-time communication. These are long-term partnerships that require effort to maintain. If this is a business meeting, take the “tip shot”: call or send an email with a proposal for the next meeting. To strengthen business ties, a joint breakfast or lunch is well suited. As a small talk at such a meeting, it is appropriate to talk about the affairs of the company


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