How to Become a Certified Shorthand Reporter


Legal transcripts take place of every courtroom proceeding. It plays a vital role in later verification. A courtroom reporter is a specific profession that is dedicated to the task and requires particular skills which can be accomplished through proper training. If you want to pursue a career as a certified shorthand reporter, you need the necessary training and skills in this field. Once you get the required training in shorthand, you need to pass an examination for obtaining a valid certificate in this field. After that, you can successfully establish yourself as a certified shorthand reporter

There are mainly two ways through which transcripts are recorded. Both of them are considered court reporting. Legal transcripts are taken mainly for depositions, legal hearings, and various other types of legal proceedings that are required to be recorded for review later. In many cases, it is important that the court reporter you hire should also be a notary public. To become a court reporter, you don’t need any additional qualifications or education. What you need most importantly is your certification as a shorthand reporter. 

What skills are required to become a deposition reporter

Apart from documenting and transcribing depositions and litigation in a courtroom, a certified reporter must perform the following tasks –

A certified shorthand reporter must have the skill to flawlessly write the courtroom proceedings with proper grammar and punctuation. For this reason, the reporter must have a proper understanding of the written spelling, language, and punctuation. A certified reporter should be aware of all fundamental elements of courtroom reporting. The reporter should understand the proceedings among lawyers, judges, the Jury, defendants, and the plaintiff. He or she should be aware of the fact about what complaints or charges have been brought against the accused person. Knowing all these things helps the reporters to keep themselves updated with the jargon. A certified reporter is someone who can also predict what will be said in a future court hearing or proceeding. 

With the help of an electronic stenotype reporting machine, a courtroom-certified shorthand reporter renders services by transcribing a written document into a precise format that can legally be recognized in the courtroom. They are responsible for creating a transcript that is easy to read and understand. The shorthand reporter must be an expert in this field. They are required to provide fast service and for that, a reporter should be trained enough to handle stress and pressure. Here, it should be mentioned that a courtroom reporting service not only includes courtroom proceedings but also cover outside services. A courtroom reporter who is trained enough to do courtroom reporting is also able to work efficiently as a broadcast captioner or webcaster. 

If you want you can work as a freelance or independent reporter. If you choose to work as an independent reporter, you can enjoy a flexible working schedule at your convenience. 

Therefore, if you have skills in both written and spoken language, you can choose to pursue a career as a certified deposition reporter. This is a demanding career. If you are capable of performing this task well, you will get job satisfaction. 


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