How Long Does Arabic Take To Learn?

arabic language

In the present scenario, Arabic has become the most promising language. Recently, it has become the most spoken language in the world and more than 400 million people speak Arabic across the globe. As a result, Arabic is the sixth most spoken language and listed itself in the top 10 languages. As you know, learning a new language is a difficult process and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, by joining the Arabic Language Classes in Noida, you can enhance your knowledge and speak Arabic effectively. Moreover, this will help you understand the basics of this language and help you become more fluent. In addition, with proper guidance learning a new language becomes easy and helps you with the Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

How long will it take you to learn the Arabic Language?

According to the Foreign Service Institute, you will require approx 2200 hours to completely master the Arabic language. In addition, if you want to learn the Arabic language and understand the language and its concepts, you must practice and learn for around 1.5 years. Moreover, if you don’t practice it daily it will take you seven years to learn this language perfectly. Therefore, the Arabic language is not that easy to learn but with proper practice and dedication you can learn the language. Thus, you will require to join a certified training institute to learn both native-level and advanced levels of the Arabic language.

How Can You Learn the Arabic Language Easily?

1.      Start with the basics-

You should not rush the learning process and start with the basics first and then move to more advanced levels. Therefore, first, you have to understand and master the Arabic alphabet and learn how to create words and sentences.

2.      Learn new words from the Arabic dictionary-

Try to learn words from an Arabic dictionary and use them to make sentences. By reading the dictionary, you will be able to learn new and important words.

3.      Practice-

You must practice daily to master the Arabic language and become more fluent. In addition, you can practice by reading Arabic books, novels, and dictionaries. Therefore, to become more fluent and master the skills of the Arabic language, you must keep practicing.

Features of the Arabic Language that makes it Unique:

As we know, Arabic in general is not an easy language to learn and it requires a lot of time and hard work to become fluent in the language. Thus, you must have an idea about Arabic grammar, pronunciation, and reading.

  • As mentioned learning Arabic is difficult, but the Arabic pronunciation has become the most difficult to master. In addition, there are various sounds in Arabic that you have never heard of or made in your life. Thus, learning how to say these words and pronounce them properly, will require practice and time.
  • Furthermore, Arabic grammar is also difficult to master and learn. You will have to learn about various nouns, verbs, and sentence structures. The grammar of this language differs from the English language grammar.
  • Because Arabic is written from right to left it becomes difficult to read and understand. Thus this makes this language more difficult than any other language as most of the language starts from left to right.

Therefore, to learn Arabic in-depth, you will require to learn new words, alphabets, sounds, and various new grammatical rules. Moreover, Egyptian Arabic is easier to learn than Standard Arabic as both have the same dialects.


Finally, to achieve your goals and learn a new language, you must keep practicing and be motivated. In addition, you must learn the language with patience and start with the basics. Therefore, the Arabic Language Course in Ghaziabad will help you become more fluent. Moreover, by joining a certified training institute, you can master Arabic grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and syntax.


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