Horse Tack: Everything Horse Owners Need

Horse Tack: Everything Horse Owners Need

Horse tack refers to horse-related equipment. “Tacking up” is commonly used in the context of riding equipment, which means placing everything a horse requires for riding on it. However, “tack” also refers to tools used to care for and handle horses.

It’s not always easy to choose the correct horse equipment. There are numerous alternatives available, which might be overwhelming for beginner riders. The sheer variety of tack might make it challenging to choose what works best, including easy change browband— if anything works!

Riding Tack for Horses

You’ll require tack and equipment when you wish to ride a horse. Today’s horse equipment comes in a wide range of styles and varieties, a constantly changing market. Every horse activity requires a specific type of horse equipment, so you’ll need to know what activities you’ll attend before you go tack shopping.


Nylon, leather, and rope are used to make halters. It has a metal ring to which the lead rope is attached. A horse’s halters are the most basic headgear. They’re utilised for horse training and leading.

How to Purchase

  • Horse halters come in various sizes, including Mini, Pony, small, medium, large, draught horse, warmblood, and many more.
  • Before you go out and buy a halter for your horse, make sure you measure it. It’s also possible that you’ll have to guess where the noseband will sit.


A bridle is a set that includes a quick change browband, headpiece, and reins. These items work in tandem to allow you to communicate with your animal. They are available in a wide range of materials. They exert pressure on the horse’s mouth and aid the rider in controlling their mount when properly fitted. People frequently mix up the bridle and the halter, but they are distinct and serve distinct functions.

The bridle has a bit that goes in the horse’s mouth and is used by the rider to control the horse while riding. However, the halter does not come with a bit. It fits over the horse’s head and can be used to bind or walk your horse.

How to Purchase

  • Select the appropriate material. Bridles made of leather last a long time.
  • Choose a bridle based on the discipline you intend to use it for, such as pleasure riding, show, dressage, or events, like clip-on browbands.


Reins are the straps that attach to your bridle and steer your horse. You don’t need to buy reins separately because Western bridles come with them.

How to Purchase

  • Choose full-size reins that are 1.5 meters long for a pony. Choose shorter reins for jumping or flat racing. Reins come in various sizes, including full, cob, and extra-full.
  • Closed reins, loop reins, and double reins like curb reins and snaffle reins are additional options.

When choosing horse tack, new horse owners may feel overwhelmed. The aforementioned is only a basic idea; much more tack and equipment are available depending on riding style and discipline. So keep checking for the most up-to-date information on horse equipment!


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