Guide of Amity University Dubai for Admission and Visa

Guide of Amity University Dubai for Admission and Visa

Guide of Amity University Dubai for Admission and Visa

All About Amity University Dubai

The Amity Dubai campus was established to create an interactive, social and inspiring environment for students. The campus was established in 2011 as part of Amity University, a 25-year group of institutes with campuses in India and abroad.

Amity University Dubai Faculty: Dr. Atul Chauxan Amity Dubai Chancellor. The university is run by good professors who lead students to successful careers after graduation.

On-campus facilities: Private Auditorium, Incubation Center, Student Experience Center, Campus Accommodation, Counseling Center, Sports, Recreation, Library, Dining Areas and Open Areas for Reading, Communicating or Recreation.

Accommodation Services: There is a Corporate Resource Center (CRC) on campus. The center helps students stay in leading companies in insurance, fashion, banking, technology, real estate, hospitality and other fields.

Campus: The Amity Dubai campus is located on a 15-acre green space. It is located within the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). The campus accepts more than 3,000 students.

Accreditation: Amity Dubai is accredited and recognized by these top institutions:

  • – WASC Senior College and University Commission
  • – Quality Assurance Agency
  • – Department of Education and Human Development
  • – University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • – National Evaluation and Accreditation Board (NAAC) – A +
  • – International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) for all management programs.
  • – ACI approval for the Architecture Program by the Architectural Council
  • – Approval of Indian Bar Council (BCI) legislative programs
  • – TedQual certification system for hospitality and tourism programs
  • – Amity University Dubai is a certified incubator under the Dubai SME of the Dubai Department of Economics.

How to Get Admission in Amity University Dubai

To enter Dubai Amity University, students must complete the following process:

Step 1: Fill out the online application form at –

  • This is the first step and the acceptance call is based on checking the full application form. So fill in the form carefully.
  • Submit it along with the required scanned documents.

Step 2: Offer for admission

  • The Admissions Committee of Dubai Amity University should proceed with careful acceptance of applications.
  • You will then be offered an admission.
  • The letter of invitation must contain all acceptance details such as starting date, tuition fees, payment method, refund policy and other important information.

Step 3: Receive an invitation letter

  • Now students who have an invitation letter should accept admission.
  • To accept the admission offer, you need to register and pay the application fee with the tuition fee.

Step 4: Apply for Student VISA and Accommodation (if required)

  • Students in need of a student visa and accommodation must apply once the offer has been accepted.

Amity University Dubai Placements

The Corporate Resource Center (CRC) on campus helps final year students find career prospects and suitable jobs.

Attractions in Amity Dubai:

  • – Specialists in various fields prepare students for careers.
  • – They regularly communicate with students on campus and share their career experiences.
  • – Students can participate in an annual placement week where they meet with companies.
  • – Seminars and trainings are conducted by CRC.
  • For more information, contact overseas education consultants.

Amity University Dubai Admission Student Visa

If a student visa is required, they can apply to the university after entering Amity University Dubai in 2020. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Make sure the passport is valid for at least 6 months.

Step 2: The Student Services team will complete the application process and start applying for the visa once you have paid the required fee.

Step 3: Once the entry permit is obtained and the students arrive in the UAE, they must take their passport to the student service team, where they will apply for a medical examination and permission. This process is usually completed within 20 business days.

Step 4: The passport goes to the Immigration Office for stamping. This may take another 20 days.

Step 5: Finally, the Emirates ID card will arrive within 5-6 business days after the visa stamp is stamped on the passport.


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