Guhantara Resort: Best Time To Visit And Complete The Itinerary

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The Guhantara Cave Resort in Bangalore is excellent for a private vacation with your partner or a fun weekend escape with your family or friends. With abundant leisure activities and experiences to indulge in, people of every age group can remarkably get a kick out of the serene cave ambience. And even though this is a cave resort, it is constructed in a manner which allows the natural light to come in. So, if you’re looking for a fun weekend escape, this resort is the best option to choose from.

Things to do:

  • You can enjoy a leisure day out with companions and family in India’s first underground resort, i.e, Guhantara Resort.
  • You can also visit the Rangamandira, a wonderfully equipped auditorium, appreciate amazing booze at the Madhushala, relax your mind and body with a spa therapy at the Agastya Kuteera and dine at none other than Sambhojana.
  • You can rejuvenate your mind and body with various other activities also such as stimulating tunnel trekking, bicycle riding, paintball, playing indoor and outdoor games and a lot more.
  • There are many activities like Zorbing accessible for kids also.

Places to explore:

Art of Living International Center: 

The Art of Living Ashram is located in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. While enjoying meditative walks and exploring the ashram, you can visit several residential classes. More than thousands of tourists from around 150 countries encounter inner peace and discover stress-elimination breathing procedures here. It is around 26 km from Guhantara.

Wonderla Amusement Park: 

Wonderla exists as the best amusement park in Bangalore that is 1 hr drive away from the city. Long weekends and holidays will be crowded. On a normal day, you may not need fast-track tickets. Keep a pair of sandals, without footwear it will certainly be hard for you to walk on a heated day. The premise of the Amusement Park is kept very neat and clean. It is approximately 20.6 Kms far from Guhantara.

Bannerghatta National Park: 

It is India’s first butterfly park, it has a vast variety of vegetation, bringing about one of the greatly desirable visitor temptations in the city of Bangalore. You can also opt for Safari rides through the park and can spot Lions, Tigers, Crocodiles and multiple other animals in the park. Located 19.5 km away from Guhantara, the Bannerghatta Biological Park was inaugurated in 1971. The park is outstretched to around 104.27 sq. km which encompasses 10 Reserve Forests of the Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. Bannerghatta consists of the National Park, an Aquarium, a Zoo, Children’s Park, Crocodile Farm, a Snake Park, a Prehistoric animals park and also a Museum.

Raceway Motorsports: 

The raceway Go Karting track is located 6 km away from Guhantara. The raceway is led by a professional faculty who will instruct you on the basics of Go-Karting while being the right people to look to when determining to go pro.

Dining and Shopping:


At Guhantara, starting from the hot and spicy Masala Dosa to the sweet and sublime Dal Holige saturated in pure ghee, this resort has everything you would love to eat. The rose gulkand bettered with the goodness of pure honey and white butter is the most favourable item you must have at lunch. The food here is available at a reasonable rate and is one of the best places in Bangalore. There are various food stalls here: the Pav Bhaji Stall, the Sweet Corn Stall, Manchurian Stall and many more.


In the markets close to Guhantara you can purchase commodities like silk sarees, antiques, sandalwood articles, portraits with gold leaf work and many more. Various Government Emporiums are accessible in Bangalore that offer incredible handicrafts at a decent cost. You can furthermore try local street shopping too.

How to reach:

By Taxi: 

Well-connected roads link Bangalore with the main cities and important locations in Southern parts of India.

By Bus: 

If you wish to visit Guhantara by Bus the closest bus stand is Majestic Bus Stand. Which is approximately 59 km from Guhantara.

By Train: 

The Railway Station in Bangalore is the most significant one. It links Bangalore with main locations in Southern parts of India. Guhantara is approximately 32 km from Bangalore Junction Railway Station.

By Flight: 

The airport at Bangalore links it with all the main cities in India. Guhantara is approximately 38 km from Bangalore International airport.


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