Gan Magnetic 356 M Review


The GAN 356 M is a magnetic speed cube that falls into the mid-price tier. It doesn’t match up to the high-end GAN356 XS magnetic speed cube, but it does have a GES+ system, which allows you to adjust the spring tension to create the desired elasticity. It also has a nice ribbing system, which gives you an adjustable elasticity level.

Gans 356 Air

The GAN 356 Air is one of the best 3×3 Rubik’s cubes currently on the market. It’s lightweight and fast, and has magnetic inclusions. Its new system and exclusive pieces make it an improvement over the previous version. Here are the pros and cons of the new version. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the market for a new cube. Weighing only 70 grams, the GAN 356 Air is the cube to get for a reasonable price.

First of all, the 357 is a 3-layered 57mm cube. It marked the beginning of the Gans naming scheme. Its smooth, light turning was a unique feature compared to other cubes of that time. The 357 Cube wasn’t as popular as its predecessor, the Moyu AoLong, which had flexing edges and ridges. But its unique features drew cube enthusiasts’ attention.

Gans 356 M

The GAN Magnetic 356 M is an affordable magnetic speed cube. Its price falls in the mid-range, but it’s far from being inferior to the top-tier GAN356 XS 3×3. Compared to its predecessor, the GAN356 M offers several key features. One of these features is its GES+ system, which allows users to set the spring tension to the desired elasticity level. Other features include built-in nuts and a durable, weather-resistant case.

The Gan Magnetic 356 M is the first budget-priced magnetic cube. It boasts smooth corner cuts and a durable, matte finish. Its elasticity system allows you to interchange magnets with no effort, and it works with all types of magnetic cubes, including the popular 3x3s. The magnetic version features a large, square base that makes it an excellent choice for a desk or nightstand.

Gans 356 RS

The GAN 356RS was an early version of the GAN 356S and soon broke two world records. It is the first GAN cube to be used in the WR, and Feliks Zemdegs broke the 3×3 average world record in six minutes and forty-five seconds. More world records were broken with later versions of the 356 series. But what’s great about the GAN 356RS?

The GAN 356 RS is an upgraded version of the popular 356 S. The new version has a GES and Numerical Core, as well as a honeycomb design. It’s also more stable and accurate thanks to its visible tuning system. The RS is also non-magnet, meaning it can be tuned manually. But if you’re still not satisfied with your performance, you can always consider adding magnets.

Gans 356 X

The Gans 356 X magnetic cube has been gaining popularity in the speedcubing community, and it is not hard to see why. The 356 X has an impressive system of magnets and an edge piece that fits snugly into the magnets. The capsules are also flush to the inside of the cube, which means there is no risk of them catching on things when speed solving. The 356 X is available in two spring systems: the original and the new one.

The GAN 356 X Magnetic cube is the next evolution of the original. The GAN 356 X magnetic cube retains the same piece design but has been updated with newer magnets that have a smooth turning action. The cube’s interchangeable magnet system makes it easier than ever to swap out the magnetic pieces and keep them working in perfect harmony. With a new magnetic core, this piece will be more durable and better-suited to your play style.

Gans Air v3

The new Gans Air v3 is one of the most highly anticipated puzzles released this year. The company collaborated with Cubicle Labs to release the new puzzle with adjustable corner magnets. This product has received mixed reviews from users, with some switching to it from the GTS2M while others stick with their WuQue M. The new puzzle also features a concave dip, like the X-Man Galaxy V2 M.

The GAN cube is available in different colours. The version 3 is different from the previous two models, featuring four spring elasticity levels ranging from 1.8 N to 3.4 N. The coloured nut covers a colourless spring cap. This allows you to easily adjust the tension of the springs without removing the cube from your board. However, you should be aware of the different springs before trying them out, as the differences between versions are not so obvious.

Gans Air v4

The new Gans Air v4 is the successor to the Gans 356 Air SM, and features a slight internal piece redesign. This version is compatible with both GES S-Series and G-Series spring sets. If you are looking for a 3×3 cube, the Gans Air v4 might be the right option for you. It features adjustable corner magnets, GMS, and a frosted surface finish.

The GAN cube comes in a variety of colours. This latest version is slightly different from versions 1 and 2. The spring elasticity of the GES V3 is adjustable – the purple nut has the weakest spring elasticity, while the yellow nut has the strongest spring elasticity, 3.4 N. A colourless spring cap covers the coloured nut. The new GAN cube is easy to use, and can be used by children and adults alike.


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