Education Why Do Students Fail? See Top Reasons

Why Do Students Fail? See Top Reasons


Why do students fail? See Reason. I discovered, there are lot of searches online on “Why students fail?” and it amazes me that despite the fact that, there are so many written articles in existence from top writers and known blogs on the topic, students still fail, Lol 😂, isn’t that worrisome? Due to this, I have also decided to put up a write-up on it and I am sure you won’t want to miss every part of the article because it’s going to be intriguing, educating and captivating.

Are you a student?

If Yes!!! This article is just for you. I will be unveiling top reasons why students fail.

Have you ever wondered or imagined why most students fail? Sure you have.

What does the word FAILURE stands for?

F – Being Fearful
A – Being Arrogant
I – Being Insecure
L – Being Lonely
U – Being Uncertain
R – Being Resentful
E – Being Empty

Failure as gathered from various sources is the absence of success; inability to succeed; it also means a non-fulfillment of something.

When all your trials to be successful proves abortive then it means you’re failing.

The new age world has reshaped education for good and bad as civilization and advent of technology has turned things around. Students of the conventional period differs from students of the new age.

Why Do Students Fail In 2021

Academic failure is now rampant in various academic institutions especially amongst students. Inasmuch as there are many factors contributing to failure so also some people believed vehemently that there is no excuse for failure.

NO Excuse For Failure – Failure is Optional & Self-Created.

See Researched Reasons Why Most Students Fail:


I know you must have been familiar to some extent with the word ” Inferiority Complex” and the question that may probably be rumbling in your head like now is, ” How does inferiority complex correspond with failure? ” Feeling inferior is when you think low of yourself to others; you think others are better than you which negatively affect your success.

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Before you can do well academically, the first step is seeing yourself better, believing you can do it better. The moment you started feeling inferior to others then failure can be unavoidable. This is a top reason amongst many other reasons why students fail as they tend to have a low self esteem of possible success and never believed in themselves.

Most Students are their own enemy – Self Established Failure.


Watch your peers or friends. They have great effect and contribution to your success or failure. This goes along with the popular saying that ” Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” this is 100 percent true. You can’t be mingling and rolling with failures and expect to be successful. Imagine making friends with potential First Class Students, you definitely will directly or indirectly learn from them which will have a great impact to determining your success or failure.

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Pessimists are negative thinkers; they’re people with bad and unfriendly mindset. Your mindset does a lot in your Failure whether you decide to fail or not; it all begins from the mind and your MIND can either MAKE YOU or MARR YOU. Most students graded themselves as failure even before anyone. You can’t be successful with a negative mindset; changing your mindset is paramount to your mental wellness and positivity. 

Why Do Student Fail : Reason Why Students Fail



Reasons why students fail in school

To be an A Student, you must discover yourself. Self discovery unveil more on slow learning and fast learning. A student who is a fast learner will always win over a Slow Learner who doesn’t study frequently to fast track his or her assimilation. As a student, you need to discover your abilities and inabilities as this will help you innovate, improve and adjust academically.


Are you the type of student that procrastinate a lot?

Then, this is amongst the reasons why you fail. Procrastination is a means of putting off and delaying an action. You have an assignment, test and exam in few weeks and you’re procrastinating your study on daily basis, tell me why you won’t fail? Success requires sacrifice(s) and doing the right thing at an appropriate time is mandatory.

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Your immediate environs also contributes either positively or negatively on your success and learning as a students. Sound learning  requires good vibes, stability and serenity. Be cautious of your environment as it has effect in your learning as well.

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Be cautious of your environment as a student – effect of environment on student; contribution to your failure or success.


This sounds funny, right? Writing from practical experience, learning and prayers works like magic. Do not overlook the power of prayers thou prayer without hard work is futile so be ready to do the needful before expecting divine help. Most student sees prayer as an unnecessary acts but it is far beyond that.

Study and Prayer is the fastest route to success.


Except you are being born a genius; success requires hardwork and smart work. As a student, one of the ways to avoid failing is associating with high intellectual students, identifying your strength, stay optimistic, avoid procrastination and believe in yourself.  Do this and realize how outstanding you will become within a short period of time.

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