How To Build Career In The Stock Market


A stock market refers to a place where traders perform the activity of buying and selling. In India, most trading activities are perform at the two essential stock exchanges. One is the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and the Second is National Stock Exchange (NSE). When it comes to building a career in the stock market, then, many people are confused, and the reason behind that confusion is a lack of guidance and selecting the wrong option for their career. Hence, if you are willing to build your dream career in the stock market, join Share Market Institute In Delhi and make your dream career with the best finance experts. 

What Are the Career In The Stock Market Of India?

For building a career in the stock market, numerous jobs are available with different kinds of profiles. Below each type of stock market, job is mention. 


 On behalf of investors, people who buy and sell the shares are call as brokers. They are license professionals who have the right to perform this activity. For various brokerage firms, they worked as representatives and cleared the way for trading. Before becoming a broker, they must earn NISM certifications and follow all SEBI rules and regulations.

Handling trade, research and advice are some services the brokers provide. Services can be provided in terms full-time or in a mixed way.


If you choose an advisor as your career option in the stock market, you can quickly advise your clients on how they can pick the right stocks. Hence, to become an investment advisor, you need to clear the NISM investment advisor certification exam and register yourself as an investment advisor with SEBI.

Portfolio Management Services 

Portfolio managers make investment strategies based on clients, financial goals, and risk-taking capacity. Every stock market development has been tracked by portfolio managers actively and regularly following the portfolio’s performance. For this field of the stock market, qualifications of MBA and CFA, CA is required.  

Research Analyst 

By doing well, research and analysis, research analyst recommends the stocks to his clients. 

Although, based on fundamental parameters and the company’s financial statement, equity research analysts always suggest investing for a long-term period and making your report based on it. 

The technical analyst will study the company’s price chart and make recommendations for investment based on technical indicators. 

Investment Bankers 

The private company that wants to convert themselves public via an Initial Public Offering (IPO), investor bankers help those companies. In this process, the company needs to follow some rules and regulations by SEBI. 

 However, Issuance, managing acquisitions, mergers, and financial advisory come under in underwriting new equity. To gain the skills of an investment banker, one should be qualified for the MBA. 

Relationship Manager

The main motive of the relationship manager is acquiring new clients and building a good relationships with the existing client. To increase customer satisfaction and trust, relationship managers provide good products and give them good services. As a relationship manager, one needs to be friendly with every new share market trend, and also, they need to understand sales metrics.

Professional Investors or Traders

The motive of every investor is to invest for the long term and build wealth over time. By checking their risk-taking capacity and financial goals, investors make a proper investment plan. However, on the other hand, traders’ motive is to maximize their profit by entering and taking the exit from the market in the short term. To become an investor or trader, there is no need to have qualifications. One just has a sound knowledge of the share market.

What Are the related Jobs In the Stock Market of India?

Below is the complete list of jobs in India’s stock market based on different qualifications.

  • Writing/Journalism: Hence, through the platforms of websites, newspapers, print media and blogs, writers can provide information about the stock market. The common public can get information about updating market news and events through journalists and reporters. 
  • Designing Products: Specialization in developing products for the stock market can satisfy the needs of people in the stock market. For delivering the product services, there are various sectors such as IT, manufacturing, legal and product marketing. 
  • Stock Market Trainer: The seminar, videos and classes with other stock market trainers can teach people how the stock market works and the proper ways to invest. Hence, in the stock market, various courses can be opt by any individual. A stock market trainer is the subject of expertise in the stock market. However, by opening a Youtube channel, you can also encourage people to learn about the stock market. 
  • Stock Market Operations: In this job of the stock market, one needs to perform back-office work for the stock market like settlement, accounting, confirmation of payment and regulatory compliance. 

Is it Risky To Choose Stocks Trading as a Career?

Liquidity, interest rate and regulations are some kinds of several risks included in stock trading. Due to being stuck in the emotions, unfavourable price fluctuation, and trading based on unreliable stock tips, you may lose your money. While trading, it is mandatory to have complete knowledge of the share market and make the appropriate decisions based on it. 

Key Takeaways About The Career in The Stock Market

  • Understating your skills and interests will help you to build and successful career.
  • The stock market, when it comes to job opportunities, is divide into numerous sectors. They are investment advisors, bankers, relationship managers, portfolio managers, and professional investors and traders. 
  • Writing, designing products and stock market training are some other jobs related to the stock market.
  • By getting the certification of NISM (National Institute of Security Market) and NCFM (Academy Certificate in Financial Market), which NSE issues, you can become a certificate stock analyst in SEBI.
  • Hence, to add more credibility to your resume, you can also opt for MBA, CFA, CMA, FRM, and CFP.


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