Pro Tips and tricks for blending extensions with curly hair!

Curly Hair Wigs

Like any other hair extension, curls can be blended in with your natural hair. But you might want to get some pointers on how to master the art of perfection!

Here are 5 techniques to help you become an expert at blending curly hair extensions with your hair to make you the master!

Curly Clip In Extensions & Short Hair

Tips On Short Hair & Clip-Ins
Tips On Short Hair & Clip-Ins
  • If you have short or uneven curly hair, such as 4a or 4b, use multiple sets of curly clip in hair extensions to cover up all your shorter ones.
  • Tease your hair at the roots before attaching the clip-ins for more grip if you have looser curls.
  • For a much easier and faster approach, employ braids or twist-out techniques. Braid your hair down and attach the clips in a matter of minutes.

Curly Clip In Extensions & Long Hair

Tips On Long Hair & Clip-Ins
Tips On Long Hair & Clip-Ins
  • Start adding the clip-ins around the perimeter first to ensure you cover your entire head without running out of hair before finishing.
  • Curly human hair extensions are prone to becoming brittle and drying out quickly; therefore, the secret is to utilize natural hair styling products and style accordingly.
  • Once the clip-ins are in place, separate the curls and brush them off for a fluffier finish.

Curly Tape In Extensions & Short Hair

Tape The Short Hair Like A Pro With These Tips
Tape The Short Hair Like A Pro With These Tips
  • Tape-ins that are longer than 20″ will be heavier and will weigh down your hair, so choose shorter ones to feel comfortable & light.
  • If your hair colors does not match, dye them before beginning, or go for an ombre effect for a more natural look.
  • If you have thin hair, leave around 1 inch of hair throughout your hairline. Make sure your hair is thick enough to conceal the tape in hair extensions without making it obvious.

Curly Tape In Extensions & Long Hair

Long Hair & Curly Tape In Extensions Tips
Long Hair & Curly Tape In Extensions Tips
  • Tape-ins are better on longer hair as they are fewer chances of visible ends or knots, so for the best result with the tape-ins, grow out your hair a bit. In the meantime, you can try out the temporary curly human styles.
  • One method for achieving a smooth blend is to style your hair or use curling wands.
  • The ultimate secret have enough hair, so the end effect is not compromised. You’ll need at least 40 pieces or two packs of tape in extensions for a flawless look. 60 pieces may be required for thicker hair.

Suggestions For All Types Of Curly Human Hair Extensions

Blending Curly Human Hair Extensions Like A Pro
Blending Curly Human Hair Extensions Like A Pro

As we discussed above for both clips & tape-ins, general recommendations for all types of hair extensions are below.

  • For style, use the appropriate curly hair products.
  • Invest in natural human hair extensions.
  • Don’t go overboard with hair products.
  • Style the baby hair on for a natural effect.
  • Know your hair texture.


So, dig your hair extensions out of those dusty boxes and get a flawlessly natural appearance using the tips above.

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