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Tips on how to Nurture Your Marriage and Make it Stronger

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Taiwo Suleiman
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It is no longer news that plethora marriages in our contemporary society have hit the rocks. Nowadays many young men and women who are dating are afraid of marriage.

So, to nurture your marriage and make it stronger is on the priority of many couples now.

You surely won’t be happy to see your marriage or relationship crumble. Your better half is the one you will have to be with through thick and thin. You have promised to be there for him or her no matter whose ox is gored.

Since you have legalized your marriage when you met your significant other, and you make brave to go for your partner because you wish to spend the rest of your life with them alone.

Well, you will need to nurture your marriage and make it strong because it is one of the ingredients that will make your relationship grow. Many couples fail to realize that they have their roles to play in nurturing their marriages.

Marriage is for those who have agreed to tie the knot and be there for each other no matter what happens, come rain and come shine.

Therefore, we have for you, tips on how to nurture your marriage and make it stronger forever.

1. Spend quality time together

Just set a quality time together with your significant other. You can decide to set a regular date with your spouse may be weekly or monthly.

Spending quality time with your partner revives your relationship and makes it stronger.

Go to an art show, go to the cinemas to watch movies, dancing, concert, game show among others. These will make you and your partner happy and bring bond into your marriage.

If you have kids, let your relatives or friends you can trust look after them.

2. Devote time to discuss your day

You and your partner need to take time and talk about your day. Talk to your spouse about your day in the workplace in order to deepen your bond with him or her.

Even if it is for ten minutes before you go to work or go to bed, it makes you have a good understanding of what your partner is going through.

Share your feelings, thoughts and perspective on things that are of importance to you such as family, life dreams, relationships, etc.

Remember that happy couples do connect by communicating.

3. Set core values in your marriage

You and your significant other weren’t brought up by the same parents, relatives, family, principles, norm, ethos, cultures, etc. So, there high likelihood that you both do not have the same core values.

Therefore, you and your spouse need to sit down and set core values for the family. You need to know what should be done and expected of you and your spouse.

This will aid the family to better one another most especially if you have kids with you.

This will make you honour each other and not to disagree in the faces of your kids in order not to send the wrong message to them.

4. Set marriage goals

For you to nurture your marriage and make it stronger, you and your partner will need to set your marriage goals.

In your marriage, you need to continuously look for ways to nurture and develop your marriage or relationship with your spouse.

Your marriage goals can be to save and invest in some businesses or forex to have financial upliftment.

Your marriage is not stationary and needs constant goals to make things happen.

5. Be kind to your partner

There are no two ways to kindness. You should practice the act of kindness that shows you care for your partner.

Make it a norm to assist your spouse when the need be. You can surprise them by making their favourite food, buying them gifts, getting a ticket to the movies among other acts you deem fit.

This will go a long way in strengthening your marriage and bonding the relationship with your spouse.

Small gestures have huge positive effects on your marriage and relationship.

6. Do not forget to celebrate special occasions

Every marriage has a special occasion. Some special dates and months call for celebration.

You and your spouse should not forget the days of your wedding anniversary, birthdays, dating days, etc.

You can even set a reminder about it on your phone calendar, draft or calendar in the house.

When you celebrate special occasions, it brings good memories and a lovely reminder about how you met your partner, what you faced and how much you love your partner.

Once you commemorate the celebration of your special occasions it will make your partner happy and you too.

7. Make an effort to be romantic

Even when your marriage has been for long, you need to be attracted to your partner. You should learn how to be romantic and intimate with your partner.

The love of your life should experience the burning passion so that you can keep your marriage interesting, and always endeavour to make the romantic and intimate side of your marriage unforgettable and pleasurable.

8. Appreciate your partner

Endeavour to always appreciate your partner. Show gratitude towards your spouse when they do things that make you happy or ease your affair.

Appreciation goes a long way in making your marriage beautiful and lovely. A simple word of appreciation such as, “I love you”, “Thank you”, “I am glad to have you” among other things will strengthen your marriage.

Always tell your partner that you are thankful for having them in your life. Send them love messages, romantic love messages, sweet love messages we have for you here.

9. Have faith in God

Having a strong faith in God for the things He has done, keeps doing and will do will make your marriage to be great. With God all things are possible.

If you are going through hard times, you and your spouse should make God the centre of your prayer to make your marriage last. Always endeavour to make it a norm to pray together with your partner. You connect with God and make your marriage awesome.


Both of you will need to nurture your marriage and make it stronger because one partner cannot do it alone. Every successful marriage is hinged on commitment, determination and most importantly love.

You and your partner need to be united in making your marriage work. No matter the challenges, once you have the will to resolve issues amicably, you will overcome then.

Remember that there is no marriage without problems. We all have our differences and perception of things and people. But all these can be managed well if you and your partner can resolve your differences and appreciate one another.

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