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Let’s Talk! How Do I Tell Her She Has Body Odor?😩

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Of recent, I met a beau and we started dating already but damn! This lady stinks horribly.. She has a body odour that could cease breath, but unfortunately how do I tell her without hurting her feelings, like I don’t know how?

Is it that I’m just too weak or not brave enough to tell her she has a foul smell on her body?

Well, I met this beautiful damsel at the walkway around Ajah. She’s so pretty that I couldn’t resist my urge of wanting to approach her, without hesitation I did approach her and collected her mobile number. That fateful day, I didn’t notice too much about her, all that caught my attention was her beauty, nothing else. Could this be lust? Well! I don’t know.

Few days after we met, I called her on phone and we spoke at length, I chatted her on WhatsApp same day. You know me nah as sharp guy wey see better fish for river, nah must to chop nah. I didn’t dull a bit, I expressed my love to her and everything seems to be working positively for me, she agreed without wasting time. Wow! We don dey date be that ooo.

Not too long ago, I invited her to come over to my small palace. Well! She came that day but I noticed something mysterious about her, I perceived a foul smell the moment she entered, I almost fainted. For my mind, I dey think say maybe she fall inside gutter… abi no be the same guy I see that day. Ehn Ehn!!! Wahala.

To cut the long story short, this girl has body odour but the question is ‘how do I tell her without hurting her, toil her emotions or embarrass her?’

Firstly, what is body odour and what are the causes of body odour?

Body Odour is an unpleasant smell and a bad scent from the body. Research has shown that people tend to evidently have body odour when they reach puberty stage.

People who sweats are susceptible to having bad body odor especially when the salt level of their sweat is too much for the bacteria to break down, it usually leads to bad smell.

Body odor can occur in the following places such as: armpits, genitals, mouth, anus, feet, public hairs, etc.

Causes of Bad Odor 😱

Odours are often influenced by our healthiness, cleaniness, diet and gender. It’s lucid to note that most odours often comes from bacteria breaking down sweat.

Now, How Do I Tell Her She Has a Bad Body Odor?

Telling your partner they have a bad body odor can be scary because you never can tell or imagine what their reactions would be whether positive or negative. Come what may, telling her is paramount as it’s better she hears it from you directly than hearing from outside or externals.

Bad Body Odor from your partner might affect the relationship as it may get in the way of cuddle, kiss or s*x. Tell me, how do you cuddle or kiss a lady with bad Odor, can you do that? Wooo… nah vomit I go vomit even juju no fit make me cuddle her let alone kiss…Jeeeez!!!

But this is a different case, I truly love the girl and this really need to be corrected and worked up. Actually, not what I can possibly overlooked.

I consulted several therapists and counselors and the proffered solutions seems difficult despite.

For a while now, I have been practicing how to inform her of the bad scents. Perhaps, I could just call her say ‘ Wooo! This ur smell no be here oh, say una no dey bath ni’ Aha! Aha! She might just punched me on hearing this or maybe, I could tell her this way, ‘ Hey Babe! I noticed you stink and seriously can’t cope, I think I lost my mind when I approached you the other day, I can’t just cope anymore, please work on yourself and come back to me’ Mehn! That sounds too straight forward, anachronistic and weird. But wait oh! How I wan take talk am like this nah? Oh God…..

Truth be told, I loved this girl and I don’t want to tell her she has body odour in a ridiculous way rather in a lovely way without insult, hates, emotional damage or injury. I want to express myself in a kind and less insultive way but how?

Wooo….This matter tie wrapper tie gele join.. in tire me like this.

Let’s Hear Your Opinion? – Body Odor 👇

How do you tell your partner she has a body Odor? Would rather be direct, ridicule her, tell her nicely or breakup with her?



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Clara Barton
Clara Barton
1 month ago

This is comprehensive… You need to open up to her anyways.

Rebecca Alade
Rebecca Alade
1 month ago

You can probably, whenever u are visiting her, use body smell, like deodorants, perf , body spray , when she perceives this nice smell, it would want to make her talk about how well she love d way u smell, which will definitely prompt her to crave for what you use to smell nice with that you can use this simple trick to make her use deodorants too which will subsides her body odour, with time she might get use to using deods. If you truly love her when she crave for your nice Smell u will get hers .I hope this helps.

Eliza Taylor
Eliza Taylor
1 month ago
Reply to  Rebecca Alade

This trick is kinda cool though

1 month ago

Get deodorants for her.
I’m blunt sha, I’ll tell her straight up and give her solution

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