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Oluwatumininu Isola
Oluwatumininu Isola is a Content Creator. A student of English Literature at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Do you know that Friendships, Partnerships, and Relationships, work on give and take? In fact, the whole of life revolves around give and take.

Hence, this bring us to the fact that, if you’re going to have that relationship you have always wished or prayed for, then be ready to sacrifice and not be on the receiving side always. Relationships are about give and give not give and take. You will know you are with the right person when they give as much as you do. It is worth noting that relationship work is based on two people who are ready to make efforts. Do you wonder why things don’t work between you both? The problem is probably you!

Have you ever taken the time to study your partner?

Do you know your partner’s love language?

Do you care for him/her?

Do you respect your partner?

I know we live in a generation with a stereotype about relationships where the man has to do the giving while the lady does more of receiving. If you want your relationship to work, then you care for him as much as he does to you.

I know the truth is not palatable, but you need to hear it from someone. Emma Goldman said, “If love does not know how to give and take without restrictions, it is not love, but a transaction that never fails to lay stress on a plus and a minus.”

You should know that the act of giving as much as receiving deepen and increases trust in relationships. I know there is no rule to how relationships work; however, this is an important attribute you have to apply in your relationship.

I’ll sight two examples:       

So a friend of mine got into this relationship over a year ago, and she always has been on the giving part. Not monetary aspect though, I mean little things such as gifts, attention, constant checking up and all. She felt it was a normal thing until she could take it no more. Got to a point their days were constantly filled with complaints. She’s not tired of giving, but she wants it reciprocated.

I have another friend who gets as much as she gives out in her relationship. Without saying much, you’d know which you want between both and which would last.

Although you cannot blame those, who do not know how to give, they probably grew up where they not taught how give. Also, some grew up where they never received. In fact, this is even common among men. This set of people do more giving all through their life. They tend to receive little to no gifts all through their life. We believe they should do more of giving because they are the head of the house.

Regardless of what their love language might be, they love to receive gifts not minding how little it might be. Men are only not showy.

In essence, if you want to relativize your relationship, give as much as you take because it would get to a point in your relationship where love would no longer be enough.

Remember this always, “Relationships have to have a give and take if they’re going to work in the long term.”

Try this and see how much your love would grow.


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5 months ago

Thanks for sharing☺

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