5 Important Things to Ensure While Designing a Luxury Watch Subscription

Luxury Watch Subscription

Watch subscription service might be new to many of us. It sounds cool, but what is it? Many brands are now offering luxury watch subscription services. Let’s start by introducing this extremely trending idea to all of you.

What is a Luxury Watch subscription?

Many people around like serious watch collectors who are obsessed with watches, and they tend to spend thousands of dollars without even thinking about it once more. However, some people might not be down for such a huge investment. There might be folks like casual watch fans who want to use watches for a short period. A luxury watch subscription service depicts the idea of paying a certain amount of money depending upon your subscription, and you get to rent or buy a watch for a dedicated amount of time.

Benefits of luxury watch subscription services

Popularity of luxury watch subscription services is increasing day by day. There are many benefits due to the up rise in number of companies offering and consumers opting for it. Here are a few of them!

  • These watch subscription services are great for beginners deciding to have a collection of watches. They have the opportunity to choose from different styles and brands easily.
  • It’s a very cost-effective solution with requires a low commitment level. If you are having a hard time investing a huge amount of money to buy watches, watch subs are great!
  • They are extremely suited for special occasions. For example, if you have a business meeting or a wedding to attend, you can always have a luxury watch to wear with your attire.
  • It also eliminates the hassle of shopping retail.
  • Luxury Watch subscription services avoid any chances of you regretting a decision after investing a huge amount in purchasing a luxury watch.

A guide to design luxury watch subscription services

With the world evolving, many companies are coming up with subscription concepts. Not only watches, even car washing services, shaving needs, or pet products are delivered and provided to the consumers via watch subscription these days. Stitch watch was the first clothing subscription service provider that rented new garments monthly. But today, we will talk more about luxury watch subscription services. If you plan to provide subscription services, then we list down 5 Important things to remember while designing a luxury watch subscription. Keep reading to know more.

Make sure your service plans cater to various customers depending upon budget, watch quality, and brands.

If you recently got in to this and want to enter this already established subscription market, it is best to break down the high initial price into instalments. This will establish brand loyalty, and customers will most likely choose your plan. For example, having plans and convenient agreements like Breitling selects allows users to choose three different refurbished timed pieces within a one-year contract agreement. They can keep the watch for at least one month and a maximum of 6 months and one at a time.

Offer a discount if your customer wants to buy the current watch they are renting now.

After having to keep the watch for 3 months, for example, if a customer wants to keep it, he can choose to buy it instead. You can offer to remove the first three months’ subscription charges, and they can pay extra over that amount. This will add convenience for the customers.

Market your luxury watch subscription services by introducing lucky draws or raffle coupons.

Companies usually offer incentives and opportunities so that consumers can build a loyal connection with the company. For example, a watch gang allows its members to have a chance to win Rolex or TAG Heuer watches every Friday.

Design alluring and trendy watch subscription boxes.

With the pandemic outbreak and increasing fuel prices, it is always an attractive incentive to provide luxury watch subscription boxes at home. Allowing the users to view the range of these stylish, unique, and exuberant custom luxury boxes online will help them take a hassle-free decision.

Introduce flexible plans to renew and cancel the subscription.

Allow your customers to discontinue the subscription whenever they want to without any hassle and extra terms and conditions. If your customer doesn’t like a particular watch that he has subscribed to, then it should be returned free of cost, and customers should be given the option to choose another watch of their liking. Provide minimal hassles for your consumers. Offer free trials and free shipping so that they are more likely to trust you with their subscription choice.

Bottom line- Should you get luxury watch subscription service?

Who doesn’t love watches? But sometimes, your budget or inconvenience of getting something you like stops you from getting luxury watches. Subscription luxury watch services allow you to wear your dream watches with added convenience where you can have a variety of watches to wear at an extended affordable price. Why not sign up for one now?


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